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Pico Projectors in Medicine

Does anyone ever do the exercises recommended by their physical therapist? It would seem that enough of us do not that Microsoft researchers have created a device they hope will change all of that.

A pico projector, digital camera and infrared camera along with a laser pointer and controls combine to create the AnatOnMe.

The device projects an image of what lies beneath the skin directly onto the body part in question. The thinking is that the more information patients have about the injury, the more likely it is that they will carry out the mandate prescribed by the therapist.

I have to chuckle thinking about some of the things I've seen in medical offices as doctors try to get the hang of using tablets for electronic medical record keeping. However, pico projectors are very easy to use--easier than trying to explain bone muscle and cartilage to patients with little interest and even less time to learn about what's good for them.

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