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Video Mapping on a Mannequin-Who Needs Expensive Models?

I have covered many examples of 3D projection mapping in this space. But the video below features LCI Productions out of the UK demonstrating the technique on a shop mannequin. I stopped to ponder over just how innovative this truly is and the kind of impact it could have over a wide swath of industries.

I am so driven by an interest in support tools for the visual learner that I began to think of this technique being used in everything from classroom science or health presentation to boardroom sales pitches. We've already seen examples of clothes being projected onto models for a virtual fashion show, but this technique featured here eliminates the need for models in all but runway scenarios. In a retail setting it could multiply exponentially the number of clothing options presented for customer consideration. In a school setting it would bring any one of the major body systems to life-blood running through the circulatory system, electronic discharges in the cerebral cortex-the digestive system from mastication to elimination. Lastly, I don't even have to explain how this would aid in a sales pitch for a company peddling anything from vitamin supplements to pharmaceuticals.

Comments (1)
Maggie Rohan Posted Jan 3, 2012 9:38 AM PST
Does anyone know of any upcoming 3D projection mapping events taking place in the states? I greatly appreciate the help!!!