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The Next Step Toward Collaboration via Projector Phone

We have been following the evolution of pico projectors from their inception. At this stage, as pico technology is embedded in products from kids toys to mobile phones, this video is more about what's to come next. Researchers from the University of Duisberg-Essen have obviously listened to the conviction of so many smart phone owners who make statements such as "my entire life is in this phone." This is a bulky prototype of a telephone system that uses projector phones to provide the means for an interactive interface that would allow instantaneous sharing and collaboration far beyond that which can be achieved via voice communication.

Comments (1)
Gary Posted Dec 1, 2011 1:05 PM PST
I love the usage but simply cannot get past the poor image quality. Unless Power:Brightness can be dramatically improved, I cannot see how iPad technology and ubiquitous availability of LCD displays with blue tooth cannot be better option...7" screens are good enough and much less tedious to view than PICO images. I wish this were not true. Hopefully, someone is going to break through this physics issue OR the industry will focus on ultra low cost battery as option/wall plug efficient companion projectors or true pocket projectors the size of iPhones that throw a hot 60" image 10 - 15 feet on to a surface.