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3D Projection Mapping at Superbowl XLVI

I have to come clean. I did not watch the Superbowl. I can't feign enthusiasm for the game in order to garner the pride and affection of my spouse, brothers and male friends.Instead,every year I encourage the football enthusiasts in my life to crash a party where someone else will lovingly prepare the chips and guacamole.

However, this year, with the projector all to myelf and after having spent the first half of the game taking advantage of the trafficless roads and absence of humanity at Trader Joe's, I arrived home in plenty of time for the Halftime show. An unabashed fan of the Material Girl I was not disappointed by the genius of her performance nor that of the 3D projection mapping crew that set her stage for phenomenal success.

DWP Live out of Smyrna Tennessee is responsible for pulling off the first ever 3D mapping at a Superbowl event using 32 Barco FLM HD20's.

The Halftime show lasted 13 minutes and 33 seconds but the preparation took upwards of three weeks. This is just a video snippet.

I have the greatest compliment ever for the DWP Live team: I'm a cynical AV veteran who often thinks I've seen all the wonder that's out there. It was not until the event was over that I pondered 3D mapping that had taken place. Before that, I was simply lost in the magic.

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