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IllumiShare: Projectors Dissolving Borders

It's a pretty nifty trick with far reaching implications. A peripheral device, IllumiShare appears to be a desk lamp, and like that device, it lights up the surface at which it is pointed. The components are straightforward: a computer, camera, projector and software. They capture the surface of my desk and send send it to my remote office colleague in London, my professor in Brussels, or my online friend in Tehran. There we interact in virtual ways that allow an actual physical game of Crazy Eights, simultaneous Hangman with an actual pad and pen, or the side by side comparison of Barbie and Ken with Sara and Dara

Granted, Illumishare still resides only in the hallowed halls of Microsoft Research as a work in progress. But looking at the simplicity of its parts makes me think that there is a good chance this could come to market sooner than we might expect. As I see it, Illumishare is simple but powerful technology that will indeed have impact across a wide swath of industries. The most powerful impact however, could be the kind of relationships it engenders around the world.

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