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A Pico Projector and The Speed of Light

I've always appreciated the way Microvison goes about the business of marketing their laser pico projectors. They understand that by geting their projectors into the right hands those hands can make magic and increase awareness and appreciation for their projectors like nothing they could have done on their own. One example of this is the short film "The Speed of Light" which is becoming a viral hit as I write.

Directed by UK artists The Theory" it was filmed with a small HD camera and a little Microvision pico projector called the SHOWWX +HDMI but "without CGI trickery." The result is a splendid display of a miniature all action police chase (2.5 minutes / live action & mixed media). Take a minute or two to appreciate and enjoy the fun. Thank you Microvision for having such vision and for providing the tools for projector art.