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Tiny Projector to Help the Hearing Impaired

For some of us it's a language issue and for others the ears are not working quite as well as they used to. One thing is for certain--in our house the subtitles are always on when we watch a film together. It does not matter if we're running an epic production on the projector or if we're settled in front of the plasma display, there is nothing more disheartening than missing a critical piece of dialogue. It's the main reason we stay home and almost never go to the movies anymore! Fortunately, Sony has harnessed the power of the pico projector and are producing what they call Entertainment Access glasses

These glasses are for use in commercial movie theaters and I'm guessing the ROI will be considerable for those theater owners who have enough foresight to provide them. In doing so they've attracted at least three new groups: the hearing impaired, those with less-than stellar hearing, and non native speakers who might have shied away from a movie night with friends but who will now pay the $18 for a ticket and twice that for concessions.

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