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Casio's Monkey Book

Among my many vices is the need to know.... EVERYTHING. I think this is why the Casio Monkeybook appealed to me the minute I saw this video. Designed in the shape of a book, this is an interactive multi-touch presentation system that incorporates a Casio lamp free projector. Of course using the Casio LED/hybrid projector makes perfect sense when you think of how many hours a day the projector will be used in a digital signage application. The expense of projector replacement lamps has always been an issue and Casio has met that head on.

What you get is a simple concept and easy to use interactive virtual book able to display copious amounts of content and capable of running 24/7. I was mulling over all the possibilities for this device including info kiosks in every market and as a digital signage solution in shops and hotel lobbies. The Monkey Book could become an essential part of any museum exhibit. I can even see this being used in a house of worship scenario....

Projectors in digital signage are my latest interest. Thanks Casio... I think we should bring one of these in for a closer look.

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