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A Compassionate Projector

Researchers in Japan have developed this tool for medical teaching which is a bit more interactive than earlier versions I've run across. With a handheld viewer, users can study the body from multiple angles. The advanced 3D effect produced by the device allows students to gain a deep and lasting understanding of the structures within the human body. Perhaps more than a creative use of a projector, this video demonstates the potential for ushering in an era of compassionate projection. Why?

Watching this video reminded me of an earlier post of mine in which I discuss the virtues of virtual dissection. If this technology has been used by this medical school for years with great success, it it not about time we employ similar technology in learning institutions across our country and the world?

I have experienced a virtual frog dissection demo using a DLP 3D projector and Classroom 3’s frog dissection software. Those who claim the end results of the virtual experience are not more engaging than slicing open a frog have more than likely never put on the 3D glasses. In the 21st Century Classroom, 3D projectors will provide an experience that will do more than engage students. With the right hardware and software--it will enrapture them.