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Occupy and Project

The first time I saw the powerful use of projectors in the Occupy movement my heart was a flutter. I confessed this in post last fall when the movement was projecting the now famous 99% bat signal out of a window.

While watching the multitudes flood the streets for these protests I have been paying careful attention to the movement's various communication methods. I took note of the "Illuminator" van as it rose to the forefront with its symbolic light and literal messages of hope and resistance. Mobile guerilla light projection is only one of many utilized by the Occupy movement but it is certainly effective.

Mark Read, who first conceived the idea of this "information disseminating vehicle" ran into unfortunate differences in vision with the funder of the project and will lose access to the Illuminator van at the end of this month. He's launched a Kickstarter campaign and has already reached his baseline goal. He wants to raise a fleet of these vans to match the enthusiasm of the many "luminous activists" who will take them to the streets of the major cities.

Read's modest fundraising goal of $22,000 was met to cover the basic gear needed for guerilla projection: Projectors ($5,000-$12,000 depending on how powerful they are), deep cell marine batteries ($600-$800), and electrical inverters ($200-$400). Any plans for additional spending are dependent on funds raised. If they are, the movement will purchase more powerful projectors and retrofit vehicles for guerrilla projection. Read also envisions custom bike-powered projection units so they can eventually forego the use of fossil fuel.

Hail to the power of the projector.

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