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Projectors on Center Stage Again

Projectors and projection technology have wowed the crowds at yet another major music venue. This year it was at the Grammys when Carrie Underwood wore the technology in the form of a large skirted Roberto Cavalli gown that became a four and half foot projector screen displaying moving images and flickering colors.

The singer became one with the visuals of her performance of "Blown Away" and " Two Black Cadillacs." It was the most innovative fashion worn at the Grammys and reminded the larger public of the power of projection--much like the famed Tupac hologram (that was not actually a hologram) at the Coachella Music festival last Spring.

Rapid advancements in pico projection technology will have much to offer the world of fashion in the coming years. I predict pico projectors will provide a new venue for personal branding--a concept for which individuals have hungered since time immemorial. But the fashion industry in the here and now already has a friend in the projector. For several years they have incorporated projection technology in fashion shows for reasons of flexibility and pure economics They do impress the crowds who never fail to respect and respond to the brilliance of projector engineers and projection mapping wizards alike.