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Van Gogh Comes Alive

This work by Italy's Luca Agnani Digital lighting, 3D & Visual Mapping artist touched my soul. He has taken the works of Vincent Van Gogh and breathed a special kind of air into them that brings them off the canvas and into life. You can see the town awaken and feel you are a participant rather than an observer.

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Visys Posted Aug 1, 2013 8:43 PM PST
3D Projection Mapping: No doubt this technology has changed the world around for people. When we say people, it means people who make and people who see, bot the ends enjoy the fabulous technology. It is more like a gift for creative minds. What ever one thinks can be brought out. It is easy to say but was never possible before 3D Projection Technology evolved.

Though it still stays on the higher side of the cost but I am sure, as time passes, it would start enjoying the decline in costings as well. I must say, still, for the given cost, it is way more than worth it solution.
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