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Festival Focuses on Reshaping Public Space through Media Art

I hope to see more of these festivals all over the world. The Screen City Festival is taking place later this month (October 25th – 27th 2013.) in Stavanger/Sandnes Norway.

The whole concept comes from an attempt to study the moving image presented in public spaces, on the city`s facades, shop windows and urban venues in order take Stavanger out of its urban context through the vehicle of media art.

Images are the medium for telling a story and the latest tools are turning the concept on its head. Our friends in Stavanger/Sandnes and neighboring areas should definitely check this out.

Bordos.ArtWorks, whose work we have featured in Creative Projection multiple times has been commissioned by screen City Festival to transform the facade of Domkirken, Cathedral of Stavanger with 3D projection mapping on the opening night.

Projection Mappers and media artists and patrons of the arts should visit the website here