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The Penbook: Projecting Paper

The Penbook combines pen paper and digital.It takes hand-written
input using a digital pen on real paper that is augmented with
a projection screen and could easily redefine how we interact with documents. In this video you can see it at work in a medical records capacity.The Penbook consists of a tablet computer (Motorola Zoom 2) that serves as the upright touch screen. It also uses a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy SII) connected to a laser pico projector (Microvision SHOWWX+ HDMI). This is to control the projected screen and its contents. There is also a Anoto pen, which allows hand-written input on paper without dispensing ink. The characters made with the pen are instead projected onto the paper.

In the world of health care the Penbook could eliminate stacks of paper and errors while creating a legally binding digital document. But surely there are other applications that would be even more interesting to you creative types out there. Can you think of any?