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A collection of videos highlighting the fun and creative uses of projectors.

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Water Screen Projections

I wish I'd have seen this video over the summer when it was created--it would have been posted immediately as a stunning tribute to the power of projection mapping. Created by Klip Collective to celebrate the athletes of the US Olympics Team, I'll post it now at the close of the year as a tribute to the amazing athletic accomplishments that transpired in London during 2012. You'll see the full gamut of projection mapping techniques including building projections, mobile projections from a moving vehicle, and pretty incredible water screen projections on the Boston Harbor.

Only an iPhone5 Concept.....but Definitely Creative Projection

I can't help it....I secretly search for and eat up Apple rumors. Those rumors became especially applicable to the projector world when the word was that Apple headquarters was registered as the admin contact for and we touched on it in the Pondering Pixel. This of course came a year after the rumor that the iPhone 4 was going to have an on board pico projector. That, of course, never happened.more

Mapping the Curves

For strings lovers the affair begins with a admiration of the instrument's silhouette. The gorgeous design of a double bass inspired this projection mapper, Jacques-André Dupont to use a spacial scanner, a tool from the box of the MadMapper himself that uses calibrated projection and photography to “scan” a three-dimensional object's position for mapping purposes.more

Mixed Projection Mapping

This Yoav David projection mapping event was commissioned by the Bet Hagefen gallery in Haifa. It is especially interesting because it mixes an analog and digital approach or, to put it another way, technology and live action. There is also a distinctly Middle Eastern flavor that is very appealing.

Interactive Music by way of Glockenspiel and Pico Projector

I am the first to admit that prior to viewing this video, I was completely ignorant as to the definition of Glockenspiel. But then a closer look made me realize that I'd seen one before, or at least something like it in a marching band at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. But that's not the reason I'm sharing this video. Creative Projection readers will appreciate the kind of creativity required to enlist the services of a pico projector and develop this interactive musical experience


The word "palimpsest" is from the Latin palimpsestus meaning something like scraped clean and used again. In this video a projector cast images onto the floor and the artists respond to those projections creating live sketches, drawings and video projections using graphite sequencers to translate them into techno rhythms and electronic pulses.

More on the Icebook

The Ice Book, which we covered in a recent post is a miniature theatre show made of paper and light. The projector is a most integral component. This particular video shows viewers two worlds--one with and one without light.

Sony PS3 Projection Mapping

When production company The Found Collective was given the task of creating a new kind of projection mapping for Sony Playstation, they did not disappoint. They used live puppetry, 3D tracking and pyrotechnics to create three different vignettes from popular films. They were also kind enough to give those of us who cannot get enough 3D projection mapping a glimpse into the world of research and development.

Projection Mapping at Wonderland Park

It takes Four Christie Roadster S+20K 3-chip DLP®projectors equipped with Christie Twist Pro™display to dazzle the millions who visit Canada's Wonderland Park where‘Starlight Spectacular’ – a 9 ½ minute projection mapping display brings Wonderland Mountain to life each evening.more

Theatrical Installation of Paper and Projections

This is a theatrical installation made of paper and projections. The creators originally sought to create a full blown, life size theatrical performance that would mix video projections with live actors to create a totally immersive experience.more

It's Like Google Docs...but Not

I guess if I were to describe the goals of this this paper computing technology it would appear to be less than a good thing because from what I can tell it has the goal of being a paper-based version of Google Docs. What's up with that? However, once you consider that it is meant for collaborating artists, it makes more sense.more

St Urban's Fire: Architectural Mapping in Slovakia

No other reason to post this video other than it is a very cool example of the possibilities of projection mapping. It caught my eye because it takes place in Kosice Slovakia where the most amazing examples of Gothic architecture still stand as a perfect canvas for mad mappers everywhere. This one uses St. Urban's Tower (Urbanova veža) which dates back to the turn of the 15th Century. All those years provide fodder for legends as well as truths and this production by aims to tell the story of the history of the tower though the artistry of 3D projection mapping.

The Alchemy of Light: Projectors Lifting the Soul

The title of this video,"The Alchemy of Light" is what first caught my eye as it is a reference to ancient teachings that light is a catalyst for the future and able to transform our consciousness. This one man show uses projection mapping to carry viewers through a fantastic world where he seeks to unlock the secrets from the ancient book of enlightenment.

Embedded Projectors Light Up Veins

Texas Instruments' DLP technology is showing up in embedded applications that constantly remind me that we are on the fast track to the fulfillment of more Star Trek fantasies. A portable tool, this medical technology manufactured by Christie, this one would show up in the Enterprise" Sick Bay" and Dr. Crusher would use the "VeinViewer to shine near-infrared light on a patients' skin so as to light up the veins. The light is absorbed by blood and is reflected by the surrounding tissue. In essence, the patient's skin becomes a "screen" for the projected image.more

Projection Mapping from Within

NuFormer strikes again--this time in China while Mercedes-Benz intros their new B-Class. Mercedes seems to have latched on to the power of the projector as 3D projection mapping is becoming a fixture at their launch events. Fortunately for mapping hounds, they employ the services of NuFormer -a team out of the Netherlands bent on evolution in the art. Before now projection mapping would occur with the images projected onto the body of a car.more

Mercedes Projection Mapping Event

Leave it to Mercedes-Benz to use projection mapping to create a powerful display that not only underlines the power of precision in automotive technology, but in the 3D mapping that brought the message to life. Larger than life on the Town Hall Building in Olomouc at a local festival, the quality of this project is what you've come to expect from this auto giant and a clear indicator of an ever rising bar for projector artists.

What to do with a Projector at Halloween

If I happened upon this scene on a dark corner of the city without knowing it was the work of Friedrich van Schoor, 3D animation, projection mapping and motion graphics artist, I'd need to be revived. Arachnophobia is alive and well in my world and even though I know that "Spider Projection" was created using projectors inside the room projecting from the back, I still feel uneasy--fearing the fear just imagining myself there.

The Occupy Illuminator is Alive and Well

With all eyes on New York City as world leaders met at the UN, protesters lit up the exterior wall of Bobst at NYU with images and messages that could not be ignored.more

Occupy and Project

The first time I saw the powerful use of projectors in the Occupy movement my heart was a flutter. I confessed this in post last fall when the movement was projecting the now famous 99% bat signal out of a window.more

A Compassionate Projector

Researchers in Japan have developed this tool for medical teaching which is a bit more interactive than earlier versions I've run across. With a handheld viewer, users can study the body from multiple angles. The advanced 3D effect produced by the device allows students to gain a deep and lasting understanding of the structures within the human body. Perhaps more than a creative use of a projector, this video demonstates the potential for ushering in an era of compassionate projection. Why?more

Smart Car with DLP Projector Under the Hood

The Paris Auto show 2012 isn't for another week but attendees there will get to see the Smart Forstars concept car which aims to turn your driveway, into a drive-in. How'd they do it? By mounting a DLP projector in the car's hood. The projector connects to a smart phone via Bluetooth. You need to watch the whole video to see the projector revealed at the end.more

Nikola Tesla Brought to Life with Projector

Leave it to cyber illusionist Marco Tempest to utilize projection mapping technology in a manner I had not yet seen in order to tell the story of "the greatest geek who ever lived," Nikola Tesla. In this TED Talk we see Tempest combining projection mapping technology with the tried and true low tech pop up book. The Tempest telling of the Tesla tale leaves the audience captivated and is a great testimony to the power of visual learning.

Gaming on the Fly with a Pico Projector

Just when I thought I understood the needs of gamers in terms of projection purity I come across this video which features the coming together of smartphone, pico projector and tripod projector for casual gaming on the fly. While I was absorbing data on lag time and frame interpolation and trying to understand how to achieve projected gaming nirvana, LaserVR was creating Alpha Range a video projector and laser pointer game available exclusively for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Looks like this throwback is providing a quick fix to happy iOS device users.

Kudos to Willow for Creating a World with Three Projectors

Willow is a Belgian band who created this must-see video in support of their release "Sweater." The thing is, by using three projectors shooting on the floor and two walls and shooting only in that small space, Willow certainly saved a great deal of money in video production costs while actually being quite avant garde in their choice of projection mapping to showcase their art.

Pico Projectors and Crossfit Training

I always try to find a way to make my passions intersect—but this time it was an unplanned tryst that in my view could become an ideal match as soon as the word gets out about just how compatible these two loves, CrossFit and pico projectors really are. more

Casio's Monkey Book

Among my many vices is the need to know.... EVERYTHING. I think this is why the Casio Monkeybook appealed to me the minute I saw this video. Designed in the shape of a book, this is an interactive multi-touch presentation system that incorporates a Casio lamp free projector. Of course using the Casio LED/hybrid projector makes perfect sense when you think of how many hours a day the projector will be used in a digital signage application. The expense of projector replacement lamps has always been an issue and Casio has met that head on.more

Samsung Projector Phone Getting Closer to Our Shores

Samsung Galaxy Beam--the smartphone with the built in pico projector has finally hit the UK and is making its way toward markets here in the US...although we still don't know when.more

Projector Made Art

Wired's Jakob Schiller did a magnificent job covering the work of Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey, two UK based Artist/Photographers who have raised the bar for the use of projectors in creative endeavors.
Twenty years ago when the pair were setting up an art installation that covered a room with grass, they took note of the yellow imprint made on the grass by a ladder they'd accidentally left leaning against the a wall and which blocked the portion of grass in its shadow from receiving light.more

PICOntrol Prototype

Microsoft researchers are using the Microvision Show WX laser pico in their PICOntrl project. This prototype has the pico projector directly control physical objects as well as to project the user interface and embedded control information to sensor units integrated with the device.

Projectors Making Driving in the Rain Safer

As we all know well, our car headlights are intended to improve visibility at night by lighting up the road. The down side of this is that headlights also illuminate raindrops and snowflakes making them a major driver distraction and causing countless accidents. Carnegie Mellon researchers are working to make driving in the elements much safer and have developed a prototype system using a projector, camera, and 50/50 beamsplitter. The camera images the precipitation at the top of the field of view. When a raindrop falls into the top of this field, it is illuminated by the projector and its image is picked up by the camera.more

Tiny Projector to Help the Hearing Impaired

For some of us it's a language issue and for others the ears are not working quite as well as they used to. One thing is for certain--in our house the subtitles are always on when we watch a film together. It does not matter if we're running an epic production on the projector or if we're settled in front of the plasma display, there is nothing more disheartening than missing a critical piece of dialogue. It's the main reason we stay home and almost never go to the movies anymore! Fortunately, Sony has harnessed the power of the pico projector and are producing what they call Entertainment Access glassesmore

A Tiny Projector with Big Ambitions

Projectors are a cornerstone of Googles "Goggles" project. These augmented reality glasses, still in the development phase, have been designed to allow the wearer to capture video , utilize apps and perform everything one usually does online.more

Microwave with Built in Projector

No video on this one, but I had to give a mention to the projector that wants to save you from cancer. Many sources over the years have cited the potential health risks associated with standing in front of an operating microwave oven.more

Projection Mapping on Buckingham Palace for the Queen's Jubilee.

BBC radio reported earlier today that about 36 projectors were beaming onto Buckingham Palace for the Queen's Jubilee Celebration. I found a video clip of the band Madness playing background music for this historic projection mapping event that I think was more than just a great show of technology prowess.more

A Pico Projector and The Speed of Light

I've always appreciated the way Microvison goes about the business of marketing their laser pico projectors. They understand that by geting their projectors into the right hands those hands can make magic and increase awareness and appreciation for their projectors like nothing they could have done on their own. One example of this is the short film "The Speed of Light" which is becoming a viral hit as I write.more

Projecting us Toward the Holodeck

There are two very exciting technologies featured in this video from the Human Media Lab at Queen's University in Canada. The first is Telehuman which is basically a life sized cylindrical telepresence pod and a milestone toward seeing the fulfillment of my greatest Star Trek technology fantasies.more

Projectors Increase High School Sports Practice Time by 34%

Youth athletes can thank Joe Dellanno, president of Smart Light Sports for inventing Ice Light, Court Light, Lane Light and Turf Light systems for hockey, basketball, volleyball, marching bands, bowling and turf sports. It's not something just anyone would think of, but if you've ever been involved in youth sports you know the amount of precious time lost to setup and changeover and the utter disconnect between trainers and athletes that occurs when the kids are milling around waiting for the next drill.more

Unveiling: A Cool Projection Mapping Technique for Advertisers

This product launch was held in Budapest recently to support the Citroen DS5. I love the use of projection mapping to simulate the car's unveiling. I had not seen that technique used before and it's worth a peek to get a taste of how realistic they've managed to make it.

Tupac at Coachella was not a Hologram

Last week I truly wanted to post video featuring the Tupac Shakur "hologram" presented at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. I was not able to do this however because of the expletive filled intro which would not have sat well with our publisher. It really does not matter because that video was seen everywhere alongside references to what was errroneously referred to as holographic technology.more

3D Projection Mapping Behind the Scenes

I've been looking for a video that would give us insight into the mechanism behind 3D projection advertising. Thank you for documenting the steps taken for the Lexus CT200H spectacular building projection. For those of us mesmerized by this art form, watching the details from the ground up can give the letdown feel of seeing the dismantled floats after the Rose Bowl. But if you are of the "need to know" persuasion this video will give you a glimpse into the beauty that transpires when projectors and creative minds are given a giant canvas and a big budget.

Interactive 3D Projection Mapping with Motion Capture

And the evolution of projection mapping continues..... NuFormer, a company located in the Netherlands uses what is being labeled MOCAP mapping or live motion capture combined with 3D video mapping. Utilizing such a mix they are able to engage viewers more than with projectors alone by allowing the audience to interact with a 3D character projected onto the building.

The Human Face as a Canvas: Projection Mapping Artistry

This projection mapping display was in support of the launch of Samsung's first 2 SIM card smartphone. But unlike the many other examples of projection mapping we've featured here which are massive displays on buildings, the artists in this video use the human face as the canvas. They project images directly at a model to create multiple characters. This is an art form that is blossoming rapidly.

Casio Virtual Presenter-Digital Signage Breakthrough

I saw Casio’s Virtual Presenter system up close earlier this year at CES. It's a specially designed screen crafted to look like a live presenter. The concept of a virtual presenter in digital signage applications is not new-check out the virtual TSA's I wrote about in an earlier post. At that time, although excited about the technology, I could not help but ponder the expense of the environmentally unfriendly mercury laden replacement lamps necessary to maintain such an installation.more

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Projection Mapping

Commissioned in celebration of UAE National Day 2011, Obscura Digital was in charge of both projection and design in this mapping project that utilized 44 projectors with a combined brightness of 840,000 lumens covering a a surface 600ft wide x 351ft high. All I can say is Mash'Allah--that's some amazing work.

A Broader Interpretation of Projection Art

This is a fascinating piece covering the New York Festival of Ideas and its creative director's decision to use artists for the New Museum facade portion of the festival. Projection art will possibly be the dominant art form of this century. Traditional art brings a broader interpretation of the medium. I was captivated by the results.

Beamatron: Xbox, Kinect and Projector

Microsoft Research appears to be deep into work on augmented reality as is evidenced by many of the concept videos they've released recently. The Beamatron concept uses a Xbox 360 Kinect motion-capture camera. The device can sense and project graphics anywhere in the room and as it moves it creates a 3D model of the environment using Kinect technology. This video features a researcher driving a virtual car over real surfaces. Note the way the system reacts.

Holoflector-The Things They Can do with an LCD Panel

Microsoft Research is certainly giving us a lot to talk about these days. The Holoflector as it's been named, is a device which pairs a large translucent mirror with an LCD panel behind it and a Kinect camera on top of it. What you'll be reminded of as you watch the video is a scene out of a futuristic film. The combination of the mirror and the LCD allows the user to see their reflection but to have that reflection altered by whatever the LCD panel displays. The Kinect component of course tracks the body movements but they key is matching the renderings of the LCD with those movements.

Interactive 3D Projection Mapping

Imagine 3D projection mapping that is interactive-- with the crowd below actually effecting the projection. The artists at Pearl Media did just that when recreating the arcade favorite "The Claw" then magnifying and projecting it onto the side of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Check out what happens when a player manages to position the lever successfully and grasp the Chevy Sonic. It is exciting to watch this evolving art form and to witness some very impressive creative minds emerging. It's hard not to forget that this is an amazing advertisement.

A Projector on your Person

There is a lot of news coming out of Microsoft Research lately. This one reminds me of a product I covered in an earlier post. The Microsoft version pairs a pico projector with a Kinect motion controller and shoulder mounting device--wearable technology. The objective is to enable users to project onto any surface at any time for image interactivity.

IllumiShare: Projectors Dissolving Borders

It's a pretty nifty trick with far reaching implications. A peripheral device, IllumiShare appears to be a desk lamp, and like that device, it lights up the surface at which it is pointed. The components are straightforward: a computer, camera, projector and software. They capture the surface of my desk and send send it to my remote office colleague in London, my professor in Brussels, or my online friend in Tehran. There we interact in virtual ways that allow an actual physical game of Crazy Eights, simultaneous Hangman with an actual pad and pen, or the side by side comparison of Barbie and Ken with Sara and Daramore

Projection Mapping is in the House

In the beginning there were vinyl records and the DJ's who knew their every groove and subtle nuances. It's not just about the sound--it's a visual thing. One day the DJ community said "We need a way to manipulate music on our computers." Alas bestowed upon them was a way to use their vinyl turntables to control the digital music on their laptops. But every blessing carries a curse and for today's DJ's this current setup means that rather than focusing on their turntables, their eyes must be glued to their computer screens. Featured in this video is E.N.S's solution to this dilemma which uses a projector to transform the user interface and display it directly onto the mixing surface.

No Projection Surface Left Behind

Here is another great video from TK labs featuring the Lightbeam "nomadic" pico projector. It's actually Microsoft Kinect paired with an AAXA L1 Pico Projector with the intent of creating a projector that can track and reorient the image it projects so that any surface can become suitable for display. Potentially anywhere will become fair game for projection. Make sure you don't miss the trick with the coffee mug at the end of the video.

Rear Projection in Perspective

This is rear-projection, with a Kinect doing head tracking to present a correct perspective view of virtual objects. The creator, whose Vimeo handle is Mediadog holds the video camera to his eye as he moves about in front of the screen. The software uses the Kinect to track the position of his head relative to the screen and creates the graphics as the objects themselves would look from that perspective giving the impression that he is actually moving around real things. The great part of this video is that the artist clearly labels what he is doing as he's doing it. There is some very interesting work going on in his world as his website makes obvious.

Projectors in the Political Sphere

Everything about this video touched my inner activist. It gives viewers a sort of insider's look at the preparations and excitement preceding the series of projections seen last fall on the Verizon building in New York at the height of the Occupy protests. It made me ponder even more deeply about the future of the projected image. Will guerrilla photon bombing or projection bombing be regulated if deemed subversive? Will a projected hologram become a psychological weapon on the battlefield like a high tech Tokyo Rose? Will we see the use of projected images to control and suppress as much as to awake and incite? This requires further investigation. Give me some time.

3D Projection Mapping at Superbowl XLVI

I have to come clean. I did not watch the Superbowl. I can't feign enthusiasm for the game in order to garner the pride and affection of my spouse, brothers and male friends.Instead,every year I encourage the football enthusiasts in my life to crash a party where someone else will lovingly prepare the chips and guacamole. However, this year, with the projector all to myelf and after having spent the first half of the game taking advantage of the trafficless roads and absence of humanity at Trader Joe's, I arrived home in plenty of time for the Halftime show. An unabashed fan of the Material Girl I was not disappointed by the genius of her performance nor that of the 3D projection mapping crew that set her stage for phenomenal success.more

Occupy Everywhere with a Projector

I had a feeling I'd soon find a video of a projector used effectively as a tool in the Occupy Wall Street protests. Projectors provide bold, loud messaging flexibility and likely do not violate any laws currently on the books in the US. However, Ukraine's Kyiv Post reports that charges were recently leveled against individuals projecting the slogan"Freedom to Yulia" in central Kyiv during a New Year's show at Independence Square. While no arrests were made, the door to the projection room across the square was kicked in and projection technology unplugged. Have we entered the era of the subversive projector?