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A collection of videos highlighting the fun and creative uses of projectors.

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Jaguar Projection Mapping

The projection mapping techniques used in the launch of the Jaguar LX failed to grab me until midway with the creators definitely saving the best for last. The music is compelling and the timing superb but dare I say that it might be a tad overstimulating? I sound like the emperor who told Mozart there were "too many notes."

Planetarium Projectors

Big Bear Lake California has been in the news for all the wrong reasons this week and so I thought it might be time for a positive projector related story from that city which is not too far from where I grew up in Southern California.more
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Projector Yields Bounty in a Storm

This is an example of the unexpected that can happen when someone gets creative with a projector. I'm not certain what would have prompted BMaffit to pick up his projector(with a movie running) and point it outward into the blizzard raging in the Northeast earlier this month...but he did. This video captured the results and with those images set to music, this gentleman has found something that is far more relaxing than the "Sounds of the Rain Forest" CD my kids hoped would make me "more chill." Or did they say "chill out?"more

DIY Projector Laser Show : Party On Garth...Party on Wayne

There is an open source project called MusicBeam everyone should check out before throwing a party.Imagine hosting an 80's Night bash with a music-triggered laser show. All that's required is a laptop, a projector a fog machine and Duran Duran (my suggestion). The software developed by these generous wizards enables everyone (Mac,Winows Linux)to benefit, free of charge. This seems like a very personal mandate to make great parties accessible to the masses.more

Projectors on Center Stage Again

Projectors and projection technology have wowed the crowds at yet another major music venue. This year it was at the Grammys when Carrie Underwood wore the technology in the form of a large skirted Roberto Cavalli gown that became a four and half foot projector screen displaying moving images and flickering colors.

3D Projection in the Garden

It is curious how a 3D projector mapping shrubs and small trees results in visual art so ....natural. This projection mapping shown at Digital Life 2012 in the Romaeuropa Festival was like watching a dream reveal itself. My home is surrounded by forest and I enjoyed the projection artists portray a day's first light in a futuristic way that changed my perception of space.

Truck vs Projector-- Projector Wins

In ad effort to relay to the public just how durable their SuperQuad 3D projector really is, DigitalProjection decided to run it over with a 3.3 ton truck. They rolled over it six times to show that the projector would not only survive the abuse, but would continue to perform. As you can see, the movie played on...