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Projectors Used in the Art of Dance

It is, of course, a very logical step--that is to combine dance and interactive media to completely alter perception and and communication. This blend, in my view only enriches art because by blending bodies and technology we create a hybrid entity that allows us to reach new heights for communicating ideas. What we are losing verbally we are gaining visually.more

3D Projection in the Garden

It is curious how a 3D projector mapping shrubs and small trees results in visual art so ....natural. This projection mapping shown at Digital Life 2012 in the Romaeuropa Festival was like watching a dream reveal itself. My home is surrounded by forest and I enjoyed the projection artists portray a day's first light in a futuristic way that changed my perception of space.

Mercedes Projection Mapping Event

Leave it to Mercedes-Benz to use projection mapping to create a powerful display that not only underlines the power of precision in automotive technology, but in the 3D mapping that brought the message to life. Larger than life on the Town Hall Building in Olomouc at a local festival, the quality of this project is what you've come to expect from this auto giant and a clear indicator of an ever rising bar for projector artists.

What to do with a Projector at Halloween

If I happened upon this scene on a dark corner of the city without knowing it was the work of Friedrich van Schoor, 3D animation, projection mapping and motion graphics artist, I'd need to be revived. Arachnophobia is alive and well in my world and even though I know that "Spider Projection" was created using projectors inside the room projecting from the back, I still feel uneasy--fearing the fear just imagining myself there.

3D Projection Mapping Behind the Scenes

I've been looking for a video that would give us insight into the mechanism behind 3D projection advertising. Thank you for documenting the steps taken for the Lexus CT200H spectacular building projection. For those of us mesmerized by this art form, watching the details from the ground up can give the letdown feel of seeing the dismantled floats after the Rose Bowl. But if you are of the "need to know" persuasion this video will give you a glimpse into the beauty that transpires when projectors and creative minds are given a giant canvas and a big budget.

Interactive 3D Projection Mapping with Motion Capture

And the evolution of projection mapping continues..... NuFormer, a company located in the Netherlands uses what is being labeled MOCAP mapping or live motion capture combined with 3D video mapping. Utilizing such a mix they are able to engage viewers more than with projectors alone by allowing the audience to interact with a 3D character projected onto the building.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Projection Mapping

Commissioned in celebration of UAE National Day 2011, Obscura Digital was in charge of both projection and design in this mapping project that utilized 44 projectors with a combined brightness of 840,000 lumens covering a a surface 600ft wide x 351ft high. All I can say is Mash'Allah--that's some amazing work.

Interactive 3D Projection Mapping

Imagine 3D projection mapping that is interactive-- with the crowd below actually effecting the projection. The artists at Pearl Media did just that when recreating the arcade favorite "The Claw" then magnifying and projecting it onto the side of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Check out what happens when a player manages to position the lever successfully and grasp the Chevy Sonic. It is exciting to watch this evolving art form and to witness some very impressive creative minds emerging. It's hard not to forget that this is an amazing advertisement.

Immersive Exhibits with Projectors and Projection Mapping

The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England recently opened what is to be a permanent AV installation that will highlight the depth and breadth of the Museum's collections. Most intriguing is the manner in which the creators conceived of this 3D wave that culminates in a "Puffersphere" spherical projector at the far left. Looking at the geometrical complexities of that structure, video mapping the wave was likely quite a feat.

Reach Out and Touch a 3D Projection

As we've touched on in other posts, the next milestone in 3D technology will be the creation of an interface that will allow a user to actually manipulate 3D objects. This video features a Russian company, DisplAir and their prototype of such a device. Using an infrared camera, projector and fog, users can use movements such as pressing, dragging or swiping to interact with objects.
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