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A collection of videos highlighting the fun and creative uses of projectors.

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Posts with topic projection technology:

Projectors in the Political Sphere

Everything about this video touched my inner activist. It gives viewers a sort of insider's look at the preparations and excitement preceding the series of projections seen last fall on the Verizon building in New York at the height of the Occupy protests. It made me ponder even more deeply about the future of the projected image. Will guerrilla photon bombing or projection bombing be regulated if deemed subversive? Will a projected hologram become a psychological weapon on the battlefield like a high tech Tokyo Rose? Will we see the use of projected images to control and suppress as much as to awake and incite? This requires further investigation. Give me some time.

Projectors in Perspective

I have an increasing fascination with projectors in art. This video presents an interesting perspective on perspective so to speak. When you watch, understand that the camera is tracking the eye movements of the viewer in the room and software computes the corresponding angle of his view and projects it onto the concrete cube--the very section of the area the sculpture is actually blocking. The effect is that the cube appears to be transparent.

Projecting a Human Face

Researchers at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) Institute for Cognitive Systems are working with Japanese scientists to give robots a human face through the use of 3D projection technology.more

Projecting Everywhere

Take a look at OmniTouch which although still in the experimental phase aims to perfect a wearable system that enables graphical, interactive, multitouch activities on the surfaces that surround us. This shoulder-worn device allows users to manipulate the image projected onto walls, tables, objects and even their own bodies. The prototype uses a laser-based pico projector ( a Microvision ShoWWX) and a depth-sensing camera.more

Surrounded by Presentation Bullets

More interesting projector experiments happening at Meiji University... This video introduces presentation software that has a sort of sixth sense. As such it could turn the current state of presentions on its head. Using C# and a Kinect SDK and moving away from a PowerPoint environment to store text positioning coordinates in Excel, this device would likley shift audience focus from the slides and allow a presenter to at least share the spotlight with his or her bullet points.

Projectors in Public Art

The Quartier des Spectacles is Montreal's entertainment district and the perfect space for the work of artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Articulated Intersect-Relational Architecture 18, was created for La Triennale Quebecoise 2011. Lozano-Hemmer's kinetic sculptures are known around the world but this is the first time the artist has produced something of this scale in the middle of a major city-- the place he calls home. The apparatus consists of eighteen 10,000-watt projectors. Six electromechanical levers, each connected to three projectors,will be manipulated by six participants to create sculptures in the downtown sky.more

Downsizing with a Pico Projector

Micovision's ShowWX was the pico projector of choice for Nirav Patel who developed a spherical display from a former bathroom lighting fixture, a fish lens, a tripod and open source software. What you're seeing here is a scaled down inexpensive way to view the same projected planetary data for which NOAA uses four projectors, unimaginably high resolution and a six foot diameter sphere. Read more about this project at electic.ccmore

Projectors Shed Light on Phone Evolution

Creative advertising campaign by Vodaphone using projectors to shed light on the evolution of the mobile phone. The projection mapping was great--I winced just a little when I saw the occasional flash of a hand but overall this was a great effort.

Projectors in Virtual Design

On behalf of Playframe Berlin, Grosse8 / Lichtfront was asked to develop a presentation tool for displaying wooden textures on real objects. Here is that presentation tool which uses HD projectors to help designers and shoppers select tiles and textures for kitchens, bathrooms, an other spaces in the home or office. The illusion of the furniture is projected by HD projectors which display the wood-textures in high resolution on two white cubes. The most critical element here is the system’s ability to preserve details like figure, grain and color as only through that can the demise of the infamous wood chip sample be guaranteed.

Projectors and Baseball Training

Always on the hunt for examples of projectors in unique applications, I found the ProBatter Multi-Pitch Machine with Synchronized Video Display using Hitachi projection technology. Now you’ve heard of pitching machines, but this device's video simulation allows hitters to face a variety of different life-size pitchers projected on an 8’ X 10’ screen. It’s really quite amazing. ProBatter Sports uses the Hitachi CPX-3011 3 LCD projector in their most current model, the PX2. These simulators are not cheap—but for those who love the game—the advantage offered by this kind of training would appear to be priceless.