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A collection of videos highlighting the fun and creative uses of projectors.

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Posts with topic DIY Projector:

Raspberry Pi DIY Pico Projector Bike Headlight

We caught a glimpse of pico projectors in use in the biking world back in 2011 when through the magic of the video they took, I was able to watch and admire a couple of Czech artists who took bike safety matters into their own hands using a pico projector. A reader alerted me to the fact that my two artists may have been inspired by the Lightlane Project belonging to Evan Gant and Alex Tee.more

DIY Projector for iPhone

This home made iPhone projector will certainly never compete with the Optoma PK301 pico projector, but at a cost of $3 as opposed to $399 the inventors ingenuity is well worth the applause I'm sending his way. An instant scenario created in my mind for me is Mom and Dad working on this with the kids before bedtime and rewarding them for the fruit of their labor with an instant movie in their room.

DIY Projection Nightlight Clock

Jeri Ellsworth was not satisfied with the performance of her LCD alarm clock. In this video she shows how to make a quality projection nightlight clock from a mirror, lens, her used LCD alarm clock and ultra-bright LED's. She completed the task at a cost of less than five dollars.

DIY Projector: Re-Purposing Old Electronics

The whole idea of "re-purposing" is dear to my heart. This video shows how it is possible to make a projector from a cast away laptop and an overhead projector found on Craig's List. It was posted on YouTube by a user named McGyver who obviously shares our passion for bootstrapping.