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A collection of videos highlighting the fun and creative uses of projectors.

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Only an iPhone5 Concept.....but Definitely Creative Projection

I can't help it....I secretly search for and eat up Apple rumors. Those rumors became especially applicable to the projector world when the word was that Apple headquarters was registered as the admin contact for and we touched on it in the Pondering Pixel. This of course came a year after the rumor that the iPhone 4 was going to have an on board pico projector. That, of course, never happened.more

Projectors Making Driving in the Rain Safer

As we all know well, our car headlights are intended to improve visibility at night by lighting up the road. The down side of this is that headlights also illuminate raindrops and snowflakes making them a major driver distraction and causing countless accidents. Carnegie Mellon researchers are working to make driving in the elements much safer and have developed a prototype system using a projector, camera, and 50/50 beamsplitter. The camera images the precipitation at the top of the field of view. When a raindrop falls into the top of this field, it is illuminated by the projector and its image is picked up by the camera.more

Occupy Everywhere with a Projector

I had a feeling I'd soon find a video of a projector used effectively as a tool in the Occupy Wall Street protests. Projectors provide bold, loud messaging flexibility and likely do not violate any laws currently on the books in the US. However, Ukraine's Kyiv Post reports that charges were recently leveled against individuals projecting the slogan"Freedom to Yulia" in central Kyiv during a New Year's show at Independence Square. While no arrests were made, the door to the projection room across the square was kicked in and projection technology unplugged. Have we entered the era of the subversive projector?

Downsizing with a Pico Projector

Micovision's ShowWX was the pico projector of choice for Nirav Patel who developed a spherical display from a former bathroom lighting fixture, a fish lens, a tripod and open source software. What you're seeing here is a scaled down inexpensive way to view the same projected planetary data for which NOAA uses four projectors, unimaginably high resolution and a six foot diameter sphere. Read more about this project at electic.ccmore

Storytelling with a Projected Hologram

Hans Roslin uses a projector and augmented reality animation to plot life expectancy against wealth for every country of the globe since 1810.more

Powerful Projectors Create New Security Staff Members

Well, we can't call them holograms just yet, but it is a high tech version of cardboard cutouts bearing a security message at Manchester Airport in the UK.more

Skydiving Geek Style with a Projector and Google Earth

Self preservation is valued among the geek set. These gentlemen in Japan found a way to achieve the thrill of an X-Sport without leaving the safety of their lab.more