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Creative Projection

A collection of videos highlighting the fun and creative uses of projectors.

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Projectors, Holograms and Fashion Shows

Forever 21 sure knows how to put on a fashion show! Intended to highlight the latest line of clothing creators infused holographic technology which reduced the need for additional models and gave the audience the opportunity to see as many designs as possible from multiple angles. They did this with 3D rendering techniques, custom screens, green screen video shoots, high-resolution projectors and other special effects.

Downsizing with a Pico Projector

Micovision's ShowWX was the pico projector of choice for Nirav Patel who developed a spherical display from a former bathroom lighting fixture, a fish lens, a tripod and open source software. What you're seeing here is a scaled down inexpensive way to view the same projected planetary data for which NOAA uses four projectors, unimaginably high resolution and a six foot diameter sphere. Read more about this project at electic.ccmore