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A collection of videos highlighting the fun and creative uses of projectors.

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Lumo Interactive Projector for Kids

Originally a Kickstarter project that will become available in the latter part of next year, LUMO is a projector for the home--specifically for kids. It's a self contained ceiling mounted light fixture with an interactive LED projector, a motion sensor, and a tiny computer.more

Casio's Monkey Book

Among my many vices is the need to know.... EVERYTHING. I think this is why the Casio Monkeybook appealed to me the minute I saw this video. Designed in the shape of a book, this is an interactive multi-touch presentation system that incorporates a Casio lamp free projector. Of course using the Casio LED/hybrid projector makes perfect sense when you think of how many hours a day the projector will be used in a digital signage application. The expense of projector replacement lamps has always been an issue and Casio has met that head on.more

Casio Virtual Presenter-Digital Signage Breakthrough

I saw Casio’s Virtual Presenter system up close earlier this year at CES. It's a specially designed screen crafted to look like a live presenter. The concept of a virtual presenter in digital signage applications is not new-check out the virtual TSA's I wrote about in an earlier post. At that time, although excited about the technology, I could not help but ponder the expense of the environmentally unfriendly mercury laden replacement lamps necessary to maintain such an installation.more

DIY Projection Nightlight Clock

Jeri Ellsworth was not satisfied with the performance of her LCD alarm clock. In this video she shows how to make a quality projection nightlight clock from a mirror, lens, her used LCD alarm clock and ultra-bright LED's. She completed the task at a cost of less than five dollars.