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Creative Projection

A collection of videos highlighting the fun and creative uses of projectors.

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The Penbook:Projecting Paper

The Penbook combines pen paper and digital.It takes hand-written
input using a digital pen on real paper that is augmented with
a projection screen and could easily redefine how we interact with documents. In this video you can see it at work in a medical records capacity.more

Projectors on Center Stage Again

Projectors and projection technology have wowed the crowds at yet another major music venue. This year it was at the Grammys when Carrie Underwood wore the technology in the form of a large skirted Roberto Cavalli gown that became a four and half foot projector screen displaying moving images and flickering colors.


Embedded Projectors Light Up Veins

Texas Instruments' DLP technology is showing up in embedded applications that constantly remind me that we are on the fast track to the fulfillment of more Star Trek fantasies. A portable tool, this medical technology manufactured by Christie, this one would show up in the Enterprise" Sick Bay" and Dr. Crusher would use the "VeinViewer to shine near-infrared light on a patients' skin so as to light up the veins. The light is absorbed by blood and is reflected by the surrounding tissue. In essence, the patient's skin becomes a "screen" for the projected image.more

Tupac at Coachella was not a Hologram

Last week I truly wanted to post video featuring the Tupac Shakur "hologram" presented at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. I was not able to do this however because of the expletive filled intro which would not have sat well with our publisher. It really does not matter because that video was seen everywhere alongside references to what was errroneously referred to as holographic technology.more

Projectors, Holograms and Fashion Shows

Forever 21 sure knows how to put on a fashion show! Intended to highlight the latest line of clothing creators infused holographic technology which reduced the need for additional models and gave the audience the opportunity to see as many designs as possible from multiple angles. They did this with 3D rendering techniques, custom screens, green screen video shoots, high-resolution projectors and other special effects.