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A collection of videos highlighting the fun and creative uses of projectors.

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Posts with topic digital signage:

Ghost Box

The Ghostbox is a prototype conceived by the creative studio Leviathan who sought a way to forge a connection between people and clients' products.more

Casio's Monkey Book

Among my many vices is the need to know.... EVERYTHING. I think this is why the Casio Monkeybook appealed to me the minute I saw this video. Designed in the shape of a book, this is an interactive multi-touch presentation system that incorporates a Casio lamp free projector. Of course using the Casio LED/hybrid projector makes perfect sense when you think of how many hours a day the projector will be used in a digital signage application. The expense of projector replacement lamps has always been an issue and Casio has met that head on.more

Casio Virtual Presenter-Digital Signage Breakthrough

I saw Casio’s Virtual Presenter system up close earlier this year at CES. It's a specially designed screen crafted to look like a live presenter. The concept of a virtual presenter in digital signage applications is not new-check out the virtual TSA's I wrote about in an earlier post. At that time, although excited about the technology, I could not help but ponder the expense of the environmentally unfriendly mercury laden replacement lamps necessary to maintain such an installation.more

Immersive Exhibits with Projectors and Projection Mapping

The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England recently opened what is to be a permanent AV installation that will highlight the depth and breadth of the Museum's collections. Most intriguing is the manner in which the creators conceived of this 3D wave that culminates in a "Puffersphere" spherical projector at the far left. Looking at the geometrical complexities of that structure, video mapping the wave was likely quite a feat.

Using Projectors to Display the Restaurant Menu

I first read about this on Ubergizmo but searched for a video so I could show it in action. Inamo, a London restaurant uses projectors above every table to display an interactive menu.more

Kinect & Pufferfish Eye of Sauron

I have to admit, the initial draw was the Eye of Sauron but the technology within also fascinates. To achieve this marvel you need a PC, a Microsoft Kinect and a Puffersphere.more

Multiple Projectors and Fog Create 3D Images

Researchers at Osaka University have improved on existing technology and produced a 3-D image in fog that viewers can actually walk around. The use of multiple projectors allows the scientists to display different views of an image which is what allows for the 3D view. This video gave me a flashback to the cantina scene in Star Wars.