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A collection of videos highlighting the fun and creative uses of projectors.

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Posts with topic virtual reality:

A Tiny Projector with Big Ambitions

Projectors are a cornerstone of Googles "Goggles" project. These augmented reality glasses, still in the development phase, have been designed to allow the wearer to capture video , utilize apps and perform everything one usually does online.more

Beamatron: Xbox, Kinect and Projector

Microsoft Research appears to be deep into work on augmented reality as is evidenced by many of the concept videos they've released recently. The Beamatron concept uses a Xbox 360 Kinect motion-capture camera. The device can sense and project graphics anywhere in the room and as it moves it creates a 3D model of the environment using Kinect technology. This video features a researcher driving a virtual car over real surfaces. Note the way the system reacts.

Holoflector-The Things They Can do with an LCD Panel

Microsoft Research is certainly giving us a lot to talk about these days. The Holoflector as it's been named, is a device which pairs a large translucent mirror with an LCD panel behind it and a Kinect camera on top of it. What you'll be reminded of as you watch the video is a scene out of a futuristic film. The combination of the mirror and the LCD allows the user to see their reflection but to have that reflection altered by whatever the LCD panel displays. The Kinect component of course tracks the body movements but they key is matching the renderings of the LCD with those movements.

Pico Projectors and the Future of Mobile Gaming

Here is some experimental work by the Disney Research MotionBeam Project. Their work with pico projectors will likely impact the future of mobile gaming. This cellphone pico projector allows users to interact with each other and the characters projected by moving the device like they would a motion controller.more

Powerful Projectors Create New Security Staff Members

Well, we can't call them holograms just yet, but it is a high tech version of cardboard cutouts bearing a security message at Manchester Airport in the UK.more