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Da-Lite Pico Screen For Portable Presentation

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Pico projectors have simplified mobile presentation. Nowadays, you can stick a pico in your pocket and take it wherever you need to go, leaving everything else behind--laptop, cables, power adapter. However, pico projectors also introduce a new problem: what do you use for a screen? The new Pico Screen from Da-Lite solves the problem.

The Pico Screen is a portable screen designed for use with small projectors. It uses a high-gain material to boost brightness, which is a great way to make your pico projector's picture pop. The compact, collapsible design makes it small and easy to transport while maximizing available screen area. Selling for less than $100, the Pico Screen is a great accessory for any small presentation projector. Moreover, it is the perfect tool for intimate one-on-one presentations, which in this era of ever-bigger, ever-brighter projectors have become a lost art.

Applications / Best Uses

A presentation is not always a large group affair. Sometimes, you are talking to just one or two people. This used to be done with binders and flip-cards, but pico projectors are a smart, high-tech way to create the same effect. With a pico projector and the Da-Lite Pico Screen, you can create the perfect presentation on someone's desk, where they are most comfortable. From a meeting with the company president to a simple tutoring session with a student, the Pico Screen makes these small presentations more manageable.

From a technical standpoint, the value of the Pico Screen is guaranteed consistency. Let's say you arrive at a client's office only to find the meeting area has dark blue walls. Your little pico projector's ten lumen output leaves you in a pinch. The Pico Screen guarantees that you will always have a bright purpose-built presentation surface available, which is an absolute must if you are using a pico projector.

The Pico Screen weighs 4.5 pounds, about as much as a portable projector. The case is solidly built to prevent damage without adding too much bulk; the whole apparatus could likely be tucked into a large briefcase or laptop bag. The included shoulder bag is lightweight and functional, but some folks won't want to have the screen slung over their shoulder all the time.

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Karla Ard Posted Feb 11, 2011 8:45 AM PST
The article is very informative and easy to understand. I think it should be a hit with our dealers that service college universities. We have a dealer that switched to Draper and this will be a good tool to get their business back.

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