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May 20, 2019 Richard Milward from North Carolina, USA
COMPANY: Museum of Life and Science
Pieter was very helpful with the purchase of a discounted laser projector listed on their site. He explained (after checking his records on the item) that it was an open box unit with no hours of usage, and the original purchaser had decided that it was not suitable for their needs. (It is somewhat larger and heavier than most projectors.) Since it had been opened, they couldn't sell it as "new", hence the discount. This has worked out extremely well for us, and the exhibit area we're using it in has been revitalized by the improved image quality and brightness. Many thanks to Pieter and Audio General for their excellent service!
May 14, 2019 Michael Huss from Colorado, USA
COMPANY: Group Publishing, Inc
Always super easy, super fast orders and delivery.

I have yet to have any issues with anything we've ordered from Projector Central!

Thanks for making it easy to choose where to buy!
Apr 19, 2019 David Kreitz from California, USA
COMPANY: Daily Driver
I've been using audio general for years now with multiple companies. They always provide timely quotes and great customer service. I especially appreciate the quality products both new and bstock and their ability to always find me a cost effective solution to my needs.
Apr 17, 2019 Aaron Lee from Oklahoma, USA
Panasonic Projector PT-MZ670U is great. Really brightened up our main auditorium display. We were using a 3000 lumen projector in there before and I received multiple complaints about it not being bright enough with the lights on. With this new Panasonic, everyone is very happy, and say it is bright, clear and crisp on their fundus images (back of the eye).
Apr 15, 2019 Fenicia Redman from Pennsylvania, USA
COMPANY: Spinnaker
(2) NEC lenses
Mar 27, 2019 Richard Schmidt from Tennessee, USA
COMPANY: Agape Audio Video
Purchased two Vivitek wall mount Ultra short throw laser projectors for two high profile conference rooms. Audio General was very helpful and courteous in getting this order filled.
Mar 13, 2019 Ronnie Waters from Missouri, USA
COMPANY: Waters Sound & Light
I purchased two Optomo EH460ST projectors and two Da-Lite Da-Tex Fast Fold 83"x 144" screens. Pieter went above and beyond in helping us choose the best quality projectors and screens while staying in our budget. he was able to answer all of our questions. Thank you to Pieter and Audio General for the excellent service and product.
Mar 11, 2019 Nadeem Arif from Illinois, USA
COMPANY: C2C Audio Visual Inc.
David and Eric were very helpul in selecting the right projector at the right price.
Feb 21, 2019 Gary Roda, CTS from California, USA
COMPANY: Quality Sound
David Spiegel at Audio General consistently provides high-value support and competitive pricing. He is our go-to distributor for AV products.
Feb 18, 2019 Kevin from Montana, USA
COMPANY: Fresh Life Church
We have been using Audio General for many of our projector and AV needs for many many years and they are absolutely amazing. Super knowledgable and easy to work with.
Feb 12, 2019 Rick Lowe from Cavite, Philippines
COMPANY: R Lowe Services
I was as skeptical as anyone else out there that was in the market for a new Projector. I can attest that AGI really knows their products, are knowledgeable in the use case and function of projectors on the market. Finding one that really meets your needs is the key. There are so many choices and capabilities. I had a dedicated AV room and a large screen (135 inches) and wanted something that would fill that screen with a bright, detailed image. 4k was nice, but not a deal killer. Alexa support would be great, but there are workarounds. Go get a Harmony Hub and simplify your life instead of buying an inferior projector with an Alexa feature.

I am not a video snob. I just wanted quality equipment, great bright display, and did it get great reviews. Projector Central had my eyeballs for several months as I read reviews and shootouts. It came down to Optoma, Epson and Sony. I felt that Epson would do the trick and the price was right for the feature sets. Pixel shifting I will say is just as close to 4k as native. And I looked at many projectors before I finally pulled the trigger.

Being an American living in the Philippines it is often not easy to pay for purchases on products. I can tell you it was a breeze with AGI, after getting elaborate ways to pay with other vendors it was a quick purchase process once we agreed on which model I wanted. They accept PayPal. (Note to other vendors: Allow international customers to pay with PayPal from outside the US)

I asked them to pull it out of the box, ensure the firmware was up to date and run a test on it at their office before shipping. On my end, it was unpacked, mount and turn on the power. I had my Harmony Hub all set up and linked to Alexa. All I had to do was say "Alexa, watch a movie and the projector turned on, my Apple TV and Pioneer Elite turned on and I was watching Netflix in less than 5 minutes!

Within a week it was in my house, safe and sound. My Epson 5040UB is a gem. Bright display, great color, and the Projector Central screen calculator exactly matched my mount point on my ceiling. Using Apple TV 4k and other sources, I have 4k content streaming from the US on my Fiber to the Home connection (yes we have it here and it works great!)and no hiccups whatsoever.

Am I pleased? Absolutely. Do I know customer service? Yes, I was a Senior VP in a past life in that field. Do I understand technology? Yes, I was in Senior IT roles too. Can I spot a winner? AGI is a winner. Go buy from them, and support Projector Central for all they do for us novices out there trying to keep abreast of what's hot and what's not in the consumer world.
Feb 8, 2019 Omar Youssef from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I have been working with audio general for the last 10 years now, mainly dealing with David, they are the best resellers out there, always responsive and best prices! very helpful and knowledgeable about all sort of AV! Excellent company!
Jan 17, 2019 Doug Candela from Massachusetts, USA
COMPANY: Access Audio Visual, Inc.
Pieter is a true professional. Met my budget and time restraints. I was a client of Stampede but Audio General Inc. is now my chosen supplier.
Jan 15, 2019 Richard Smith from Florida, USA
COMPANY: SIMCOM International, Inc.
David and his team at Audio General always gives excellent customer service...before, during and after the sale. They have proven time and time again that they value our business and are willing to do what it takes to earn our business. I simply cannot say enough about Audio General...and they are my go-to vendor for all of our audio/visual needs. Simply put, they are the best...and I thank them for their support! AAA+
Dec 28, 2018 David Wilson from Massachusetts, USA
Audio General had by far the best price on my new JVC projector and it was shipped quickly and arrived well packed. There were plenty of emails communicating the status of my order along the way as well. This is a good place to do business.
Dec 25, 2018 Austin Simons from Michigan, USA
I purchased a projector from them and they great deal and the service was great.
Dec 25, 2018 ?Abdulrhman Yousf?? from New York, USA
COMPANY: Dotimpact
Excellent support! they saved me at last moment to do my event, Fast and clear.
Thank you
Dec 25, 2018 WPF from Massachusetts, USA
Great experience with Audio General purchasing my new Optoma UHD 65. Saved me almost $500.00 and great support helping me with setup.

Highly recommend.
Dec 18, 2018 Ramadass from California, USA
I brought Optoma UHD51A projector from Audio general. David was very helpful and he answered pretty much all the questions and also very responsive. I really like the way they do the business.
Dec 12, 2018 Carl from Pennsylvania, USA
COMPANY: Solid Rock Search
Quick Delivery and Best Price on the web for the Optoma EH460ST. Projector looks great and meets all my demands.