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Audio General

Audio General Inc.
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4.98/5.00 (258 reviews since Oct 2004)
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Jul 24, 2020 AnnO from Utah, USA
I purchased an Optoma projector for neighborhood outdoor movies, but it didn't have a port for two speakers that I wanted to add. Pieter figured out just what I would need and got back to me quickly. It felt like dealing with someone who cared about the transaction, which is mighty rare these days! I very highly recommend Audio General.
Jul 21, 2020 ANIL DHINGRA from Texas, USA
We bought a Epson 3200 4K projector for our Media Room from Audio General.
We found that not only their price was most competitive but we saved $100 on taxes.
The projector was shipped the same day by FedEx and arrived on schedule.
Audio General was very prompt in their service and our experience has been outstanding all throughout.

Jul 20, 2020 Michael Fusco from New Jersey, USA
COMPANY: Summit Soundz Entertainment LLC
These guys were great to deal with. Purchased two projectors from the. Great prices. Super fast shipping and they actually talked to you on the phone about your needs.
Highly recommend them for your next projector purchase.
Next projector I buy will be from them.
Jul 20, 2020 Randy from Ohio, USA
Never heard of Audio General before but figured I'd trust it since it was advertised here. The whole process was great and easy. Will definitely be going back for more when the time comes
Jul 16, 2020 Monte from Colorado, USA
Working with AGI was easy and professional. Everything was delivered just as expected and has been working great for a few weeks now. Was really nice to know their sales support staff was there to help with any questions and make this a pleasant purchasing experience. Would definitely recommend!
Jul 12, 2020 Ron Vea from Alaska, USA
Purchased a Barco PFXW-51B projector from Audio General. I contacted the company on a weekend with a question. They promptly responded. They worked with me until the matter was resolved.
Jul 10, 2020 James Robbins from New York, USA
Ordered an Optoma UHD50x projector from Audio General. Whereas other websites and chains like Best Buy would have taken about a month to get the projector to me, Audio General got it to me in a couple days. I can't say enough good things about these folks. Pieter, David and Eric were all super friendly, super communicative and just seemed exceedingly willing to work around my specific needs. And all during a pandemic no less. I've not been to Audio General in person, but from my experience with Pieter and co., it seems like a massively resourceful company that still has the personable nature of a mom and pop shop. No having to navigate through phone prompt menus, just a real human who answers the phone right away and seems genuinely willing to help. Can't recommend this place enough. Thank you guys!
Jul 7, 2020 Nabeel A. AlAhmed from Rawda, Kuwait
Without any blabla. Audio General Inc. from 1st enquiery
Till day of purchase i would put 5 Stars on a golden plate.
Thank you Audio General, and i would like to mention
Mr, David Spiegel for his profficional attitude and assistant.
Ordered Optoma UHZ65LV. (Brilliant Projector)
Jul 7, 2020 A. O. from North Carolina, USA
Great experience, great price, and great service! Thanks!
Jul 7, 2020 John from Massachusetts, USA
I purchased an Epson 4010 from Audio General and are very pleased with the projector and vendor. Audio General kept me up-to-date on my order and offered to help with any issues I have. I was particularly pleased that I received emails from staff who provided names. I am getting sick of vendors who only provide anonymous responses.

The Projector Central reviews of the Epson 4010 are spot-on. I replaced an older Sony VPL HS-20 and the brightness and resolution of the Epson really help a lot with my 132" diagonal screen. I was surprized at the larger physical size of the 4010, but it seems similar projectors have supersized, so keep that in mind when considering placement. The automatic iris is a great feature to keep dust out. Although the 4010 remote is good, I added the 4010 to my Harmony Hub and it works fine. The 4010 is a great value for the price.
Jul 5, 2020 Jae Song from New York, USA
I purchased a new Optoma dw339 for a very fair deal. I previously had a dx339 and was happy with it. The first one came with a ding on the shell but Pieter was great in providing another one promptly.
Jul 1, 2020 R. Krishna from Doha, Qatar
COMPANY: Zerone Technologies
Projector Screens & lifts
Jun 7, 2020 Brett from Georgia, USA
Great experience with Audio General. I was looking for an outdoor projector and Audio General had exactly what I was shopping for at the best price by far that I had found. Pieter returned my call within an hour, and it shipped out the same day I ordered it. Came fast and in perfect condition. Would absolutely recommend.
May 31, 2020 Aideen Barry from Munster, Ireland
COMPANY: Aideen Barry
3 Optomoa 6000 lumen Projectorss
May 23, 2020 Jon Rodgers from Arkansas, USA
COMPANY: Advanced Sound Technology
The Panasonic PT-EW650U we purchased from Audio General is a great projector with a great picture at a great price. Their help, recommendations and expertise in this field are invaluable.
May 22, 2020 C. Heeg from New York, USA
Great service! I received my projector within 48 hours. The packaging was fantastic.
May 13, 2020 J. F. from California, USA
I was checking HD1080HDR stock info and Pieter van Ham was very honest about what they have or not, and when they will have them in stock.

When I finally decided on a different model, Piepter asked me to wait for a week for a promotion, in stead of trying to sell to me right away and make more $$.

Very happy with my Epson 3800 and their customer service.
May 2, 2020 Eugene Onegin from Moscow, Russia
Bought Epson Pro L1300U. Communication was great. The seller spent a lot of time to answer all my questions, provided all the necessary details and made tests before shipment. I'll definitely will come back again.
Apr 30, 2020 Ed Burton from Oklahoma, USA
COMPANY: Starlite Club
My experience with Audio General was on of the best,

Pieter van Ham sent me a quote on the projector I was interested in. The price was very good so I placed the order and the shipping was fast and free.

I received follow up emails asking if everything was ok.

Overall a very good experience thank you Pieter
Apr 22, 2020 John David Sorrell from New Jersey, USA
I purchased an Optoma UHZ65 projector March 2020 from Audio General. I have been very happy with customer service and ongoing order follow-up provided by my salesman, Pieter Van Ham.

Out-of-the-box, the UHZ65 had a great picture. We love it. After 10 years with our old projector, which had received rave reviews during annual Super Bowls, UHZ65 delivered movie theater picture quality.

The highest mountain to climb was “image flip”. I made the mistake of installing the projector on the ceiling before flipping the image. The image was not only upside down, it was also backward. Unable to find ceiling mount in the Optoma manuals, I turned to YouTube. I was able to find an Optoma YouTube video entitled: “Optoma Technology Presents, Projection Mode Setup”. Though the video provided a succinct description of both tabletop and ceiling setup procedures, upside down ceiling setup was still a challenge. I strongly recommend tabletop “image flip” before mounting the projector on the ceiling. To mount the projector ceiling mount, I used the Optoma Distance Calculator which provided accurate throw distance based on the screen dimensions. After mounting the projector, the projector controls made fine tuning the setup a breeze (i.e., zoom lever, lens shift and focus).

1) Laser light engine provide excellent bulb-free value.
2) Excellent contrast and black level.
3) Low operational noise.
4) Outstanding “out-of-the-box” HDR sharpness, brightness, and saturated color.
5) Compatible with 24p, 30p, and 60p 4K/HDR devices.

1) Lacks a powered lens and has limited lens shift (Can avoid by Distance Calculator pre-planning).
2) No keystone correction.
3) Limited 3D.
4) HDR support is for HDR20 only.
5) Does not have native 4K chip; however, to the eye, the single chip with laser and color wheel offers more precision than most native 4K chip projectors.

On balance, the Optoma UHZ65 is an awesome projector that delivers outstanding performance for the money.

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