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Feb 22, 2023 RS from New York, USA
They sold us a defective projector that did not last 60 days and then gave us the run around when it came to replacing it. Terrible customer service and a lot of finger-pointing between them and Optoma.
Reply from ProjectorPeople:
Hi there, I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Our sales team is not aware of this situation - can you give us a call or email me at with your order details and I will personally investigate this issue?
Dec 16, 2022 Christopher from Minnesota, USA
Elite Screens 107” pull up cinema.

I am very happy with this screen as it is exactly what I was looking for. That being said, I am far happier with both The Projector People and Elite Screens. Both have outstanding customer service!

First the Projector People. After placing my order and receiving an email confirmation, I actually received a confirmation phone call and voice mail from them! Who does that anymore? Outstanding!

When the screen arrived, it unfortunately was damaged. I called The Projector People and a human actually answered the phone!!!! Outstanding again!

There warranty person was gone for the day so I went online to Elite Screens website and found the warranty claim. The next day I was contacted by Elite Screens on behalf of The Projector People. After sending a couple of pictures of my damaged screen and completing the warranty claim, I received a shipping notification that my replacement was on the way!

Buy Elite Screens with confidence from The Projector People as both are outstanding customer centered organizations. When I upgrade my projector soon, it will certainly be with the assistance of The Projector People!
Jan 17, 2022 Patrick Love from South Carolina, USA
Purchased a 4k projector from Rich, beyond excellent customer service!!!!!

Very pleases with the quick shipping and knowledgeable staff.
Dec 18, 2021 Bill Finch from Massachusetts, USA
We bought an Optima projector. These guys are GOOD. Best customer seervice from any web based business and that includes a lot of sites. Highly recommended.
Jul 24, 2020 JohnW from California, USA
COMPANY: SantaBarbarian
*Note: As of 7/24/2020, 2:20pm Pacific the ProjectorPeople seller had 7 of the hard to find BenQ HT3550 projectors in stock.*

I'd have made this a 5-Star review based on experience so far, but will wait until the new BenQ HT3550 arrives and then update this if possible or add a new rating. I'm posting this now because the most recent review of this seller I found here is dated 2018.

I was very happy to see that ProjectorPeople (PP) had 8 (7 after my purchase) in stock! All other sellers I checked were only taking back orders with no indication of when they might get this exceptionally high-rated unit. Also, PP gives free 3-day shipping while most others seem to be a week at best IF it's in stock.

I made the order by phone, and was glad to see that's an option (many sellers are online only). Due to COVID they're mostly working from home, so I left a message by pressing 3 on their voicemail service. A very friendly and helpful Rich called about 15 minutes later and took the order after answering all my questions and offering helpful suggestions. Having thought it's a CA company I was surprised his caller ID was FL, but he says it will ship from CA where they also have facilities. He assured me it will be a factory-sealed new unit, and that's a relief having read reviews about other sellers mentioning receiving re-sealed units (especially on popular back-ordered models like this).

FWIW, my last review here was 8/2/2013 as "SantaBarbarian" on my two trusty but "antique" and tired Optoma HD25e units. I mention it because that account here's not accessible to me anymore. Someone had asked about my success with the intermittent white area flicker on those, and it now turns out to most likely be a heat issue aggravated by high brightness levels (computer display in particular) that was helped by occasional careful cleaning inside the case.
Nov 5, 2018 Armando from California, USA
Todd was a life saver. He promptly responded to every email in a long thread. I had a pretty complex setup with many restrictions and he patiently guided me through it all.
It was also great that their selection had everything I was considering, and they have great prices and free shipping.
6 stars for Todd at ProjectorPeople!
May 5, 2018 Ryan Steuer from Indiana, USA
COMPANY: Cartersburg Community Church
Purchased a projector and screen for a small church. Both fit our set up well. Our sales rep listened to what we had (and what we don't have yet) to help us get up and running. As small church launch these core pieces needed to work well on our budget. Both ends were fulfilled. The customer service reps went above and beyond to make sure we were all set and satisfied. I would highly recommend.
Mar 5, 2018 Brien Downie from Washington, USA
These guys are the best! Free shipping upgrade, *very* responsive, and best of all, no sales tax! Huge savings! thanks Rich for answering all of my repetitive questions.
Feb 15, 2017 James D. from Virginia, USA
I recently purchased a projector from Todd Reed with Projector People. I didnt know much about them and he was very helpful. I called in just after they had closed one night and he took my call and spent about 45 minutes helping me select the right model for my needs and budget. A few weeks later i called him back to place my order. The projector arrived quickly and was perfect for my situation. Also, after it arrived I needed help in placement and Todd was very quick to help me with the challenges of placement and mounting. I highly recommend this company and Todd Reed
Sep 18, 2016 Mike T. from Washington, USA
Purchased a Panasonic AE4000U years ago. Was very pleased with the prompt delivery, service, and support. Ended up purchasing spare bulbs and different screens over the last six years since and the projector is still going strong. Have recommended to friends and family and recommend to anyone looking to purchase home theater equipment.
Jun 6, 2016 Wes Waite from Texas, USA
This is the second projector I have ordered from Projector People and both instances have been the same. First time was 10 years ago and that was for a Panasonic PT AE900U. It lasted that long. This time, after much research and helpful support from the Projector People I am going with the PT-AE8000U. They have competitive prices but what takes it to the next level is the customer service starting with their online chat. Always there, prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. This time I had a few more questions than normal and each time I was able to get the same person (Kirk) who knew my story and was absolutely thorough in providing me with the answers I needed. I will never return when I need my next projector.
Aug 6, 2015 Rick Fearns from California, USA
Called customer service with a question about a $10,000 Sony projector. Spoke to salesman "John" who didn't know the answer but said he would check with Sony and get back to me. It's been two weeks now, and ProjectorPeople lost a $10,000 potential sale!
May 31, 2015 Mike in Idaho from Idaho, USA
I recently purchased the Sony VPL-HW40ES from Projector People. I had several questions and they were quick to respond, friendly, and knowledgeable. I spoke with them using both their chat system and on the phone. I was able to get the deal and accessories I needed and it was shipped out quickly. I received it when they said it would come and I'm SUPER happy with my purchase. I would have no hesitation to purchase from them again and will refer them to anyone who asks.
Nov 12, 2014 Tom from Illinois, USA
This company is the real deal! I was skeptical to order a pricey component like a projector online, but had little choice since Panasonic doesn't retail at any stores in my area.

From the beginning the PP salesperson, Stacey, made me feel very comfortable with her knowledge of projectors, years of experience, and great customer service. Since the PP were also the most cost competitive and had a return policy, I decided to order from them.

Guess what... the projector arrived, defective. Now I was worried... this is just some online store that I found...I am probably screwed. Not so with the projector people. One of the techs, Chris, was very helpful and walked me through how to try getting it working. When it didn't work (clearly the fault of Panasonic, not PP), Chris immediately had it swapped out, and literally by the next day I had my replacement working projector.

Overall a fantastic experience and if you're worried about getting support from an online company, don't be... they go above and beyond!
Dec 8, 2013 kia303 from New York, USA
Ordered a Panasonic AE8000U from Projector People online, had a problem with the fraud protection on my credit card and the order did not go through. Got a call the next day from Lisa and she told me that I may want to wait a few days because a new rebate was coming out. I waited like she said and saved another $350 on the new rebate. I ordered the same projector for a buddy so we saved a bunch of money. Love the service I get from this company, this is my 3rd projector purchase and I have bought two screens from them as well.
Aug 26, 2013 Ben Cox from Virginia, USA
I was not well versed on the technicalities of what I wanted in a projector. I told Ryan what my requirements were and I had selected a model that was not too much money. He suggested a BenQ MX520 that would only cost $70 more but better serve me. I mulled this over for a few hours while I checked options. There was never any pressure from Ryan, just detailed advise as to why he thought it would be "bang for the buck". I took his advise and am so happy with this perfect machine. He even adjusted the shipping schedule so I could be available to receive it. TOTAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
Apr 24, 2013 Purvi Bhatt from Ohio, USA
I bought a Panasonic PT-AR100U LCD Projector priced $1299 from and I received my projector as I ordered on time. I have no complaints against ordering my projector through their website. I was also suggested a projector mount to go alongwith it but I declined since I wanted to price shop and look into mounting options after receiving the projector. I called back again to get the same mount that I was suggested when I bought the unit. I found it cheaper at other website with free shipping. Projectorpeople website says "Think you have a better price? Call us for the best deal. " So I did and talked to John Sullivan ext 2290. I thought since I bought my projector through them and as they state on their website that they will try to price match why not call them. I told John that the mount was cheaper with free shipping and I was about to give information about the other website but before I do his reply was, "I would say go ahead and buy it from that website since its a great deal." I was very surprised to hear that. And I told him that since I have purchased the projector from their website it would be easier for me to buy the mount from them as well. But he was rude and obnoxious. His response lacked customer service and I was extremely disappointed. The price differnce was $25 which wasn't a big deal but I wish he would said he couldn't pricematch instead of telling me to go ahead and buy it from the other website. He kept on going, saying that why was I calling for only $25. He didn't get that point it wasn't $25. I am going to call the manager and talk to her. But I have to say John definitely needs training in how to talk to his customers. And FYI..I already bought the mount from the other website....cheaper and will receive it 2 days.
Reply from ProjectorPeople:
We are sorry to hear about your recent experience. While it is true that we do our best to match competitor pricing, it is not always possible. Regardless, we strive to provide the best service to our customers and it would seem we failed in this instance. Please call me, I would love the opportunity to make things right....David Pavlicko | eCommerce Manager, Projector People
Dec 18, 2012 mf1776 from North Carolina, USA
I tried to purchase a projector and receiver from Projector part because the receiver was discounted from what I could find elsewhere. The projector arrived no problem but the promised delivery date of the receiver was severely delayed. I ended up cancelling the receiver order...I feel like I was duped into buying the projector for a reduced price of the receiver. I do NOT recommend this store...I would recommend AV Science or another Projector store over these guys.
Reply from ProjectorPeople:
We are sorry for your recent experience. We would never try to 'trick' any of our customers into purchasing an item this way, but I do understand your frustration. Unfortunately in this case, the receiver wound up on back order and took much longer than anticipated to ship out from the distributor.
Oct 1, 2012 Laura Dornbusch from Texas, USA
I originally purchased an Epson SHC5010 projector based on several reviews. What I did not do was consider the length of cables I had coming out of my ceiling. 2 of the 3 cords did not reach the appropriate plugs on the back of the Epson. I contacted Todd at Projector People and he not only researched the various projectors within the class I was looking at, but also processed the return of the Epson SHC5010. He did not even question my issue once I explained the wiring had been run by an electrician and spanned 20 feet. Better than that he didn't chastise me for not considering the hardwiring issues. I have installed the Panasonic PT-AE7000U. It is amazing! The colors are vibrant, the options for setting the colors are very flexible. I installed it with another female friend of mine in about 30 minutes (it is a little heavy for one person to hold up and adjust all the screws), then spent approximately 1 hour selecting all the appropriate settings. I am extremely pleased with Projector People, especially Todd, and I will not be purchasing anything they can sell me from any other supplier. Their service is phenomenal.
Aug 6, 2012 JimC from Washington, USA
This is the second projector I have ordered from Projector People. When I order my next one I will absolutely order from them again. Professional, fast shipping, well packaged, fair price. Can't say enough good things.

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