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4.25/5.00 (8 reviews since Sep 2008)
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Mar 23, 2011 roy briggs from Alaska, USA
On March 11 2011 I wrote a review that caught the attention of one of the managers (Mack Wilhelm).He did some research on my order and found out that someone did not follow thru with my order.He was very sorry about what had happened and promised to make it right.He refunded all my money.I believe that PLE takes pride in their company and takes the time to listen to their customers and follows thru to help resolve any issues.I am satisfied with the results.Thank you Mack for listening to my concerns.Roy Briggs Wasilla Alaska
Mar 11, 2011 roy briggs from Alaska, USA
On dec. 10 2010 I placed an order for one bulb for my sanyo plz 4 poalmp94 I finally recieved this order on march 10 2011.I will never buy anything from this outfit again.They never emailed and said it was on the slow boat from china.Plus I got charged for converting my us dollars to another denomination.Do not buy from this outfit.Roy Briggs Wasilla Alaska
Sep 24, 2010 Vicki Gorman from Texas, USA
Great website and service.
Aug 11, 2010 Isabel from Florida, USA
Great Customer service. Had Lamp i wanted in stock and had a very speedy delivery. Will buy again and recommend to anyone.
Apr 13, 2010 miya atiqur rehman from delhi, India
projector lamp and flamint only kindly take rate holesale rate thank u
Jan 11, 2010 Matt from California, USA
Great customer service. I inquired about an issue with my Sony LCD TV and the support staff noted that it probably wasn't the Projector Lamp, but the optical engine/optical block. We confirmed it with a local TV tech. Instead of just trying to sell us a new lamp, they actually helped diagnose the problem. That's a refreshing approach to customer service.
Dec 6, 2008 hugo from Florida, USA
projector lamp toshiba tdp-t30
Sep 22, 2008 D Berg from Utah, USA
Good Customer Service! When my email bounced back, they called to verify it was correct. The package was received on time, and was wrapped to protect it from breakage.
They sent a sticker to put on our business projector so it will be easy for anyone to reorder a lamp the next time.
The price was the best I found on the web, but I also did some checking on their track record and affiliations.
Based upon my experience, I highly recommend this vendor for projector lamps.