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Jul 12, 2013 goalie from London, United Kingdom
My experience with has been an absolute nightmare. I ordered a lamp and when I received it and put it in my projector, didn't work - flickered and switched off. That was nearly 5 months ago and I have yet to receive my refund after countless emails and calls to them. They have been so unresponsive, unhelpful and obstructive, first resisting giving me a refund until I pointed out that I was entitled to a refund by law, threatened to contact my credit card company and/or a consumer rights agency. (Note that their T&C's try to absolve them of their duties under the law!!) Then not sending the returns authorization number I needed, then not acknowledging receipt of the returned lamp, then claiming the refund had been processed...that was 6 weeks ago and still no refund has appeared on my credit card statement. Such an incredibly frustrating experience - DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!