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Dell Introduces The Dell Advanced Projector 7760

Intended Use:
Dell 7760 Projector Dell 7760
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5400 Lumens
PC 3D Ready
$2,499 Street Price
$2,999 MSRP

The Dell 7760 delivers 5400 lumens of Full HD resolution for classrooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, or sports bars, plus 24/7 low-maintenance operation for signage or display, for an aggressive price of $3,099. At this price it is currently the least expensive 1080p projector that features both 20,000 hour life and anything close to its brightness.

Dell 7760 Projector

Dell 7760 Laser Projector

Dell Advanced Projector 7760 key features:

  • 5,400 ANSI Lumens

  • 1920x1080 native resolution

  • Laser light engine with 20,000 hour life

  • Low-maintenance, 24/7 operation

  • Instant on and off: No warm-up or cool-down time

  • 2 year extendable advanced-exchange warranty--laser included--with no limitation on hours

  • 1.78x manual zoom lens; 1.2 - 2.13 throw ratio

  • Manual horizontal and vertical lens shift

  • Built-in conference controls allow simultaneous presentations from up to four different devices

  • Two HDMI 1.4a ports on back

  • One additional HDMI port in internal compartment along with USB Type A to supply power to a wireless dongle.

  • Can mount at any angle over the full 360 degrees on all three axes

  • Supports Crestron Roomview

  • +/- 30 degree horizontal and vertical keystone

  • Auto Vertical Keystone and 4 corner correction

  • Optional Dell WR517 wireless receiver supports Miracast

  • Two on-board 10-watt speakers

  • Supports 3D

Dell 7760 laser projector, rear panel

In addition to it's low price, the Dell 7760 is one of the lightest projectors in its class--and the absolute lightest that's rated at 5,400 lumens or above. So even at 24.5 pounds, it's easier to install than most of the competition.

Also adding to easy installation in a wide variety of spaces--from classrooms to sports bars--is the combination of a 1.78x zoom lens, vertical and horizontal lens shift, and four-corner correction. Beyond that, the 7760's support for mounting in any orientation--over 360 degrees on any axis--lets you set up museum or retail signs and displays with more creative placement than mounting a screen flat on a vertical wall.

For classrooms and other applications that aren't 24/7, the instant on feature, with no warm up time, is a welcome convenience. Similarly, if you mount the Dell 7760 on a cart to move from room to room, instant off with no cool down is also highly welcome. Other noteworthy features include the Crestron Roomview support, built-in controls for simultaneous input from up to four different devices, and the optional wireless dongle for connection to Windows laptops and to Android phones and tablets that support Miracast.

Dell includes a 2 year warranty in the price with no limitation on hours of use. The warranty covers the laser, and it includes advanced exchange. At your option you can extend this full cover to 3, 4, or 5 years.

Even including the cost of the extended warranty, the Dell Advanced Projector 7760 offers an aggressively low price and exceptionally low total cost of ownership for projectors in this performance class.

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