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Anchor Bay's DVDO iScan VP50 Video Processor

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So, you are seriously into high performance home theater. You already have a 1080p projector and a great surround-sound system and your home theater is functioning well. What's the next step? A video processor like the DVDO iScan VP50 from Anchor Bay Technologies can take your system to the next level of performance. It is the flagship in their family of video processors which will convert all of your video sources to the native resolution of your projector, correct for A/V lipsync, improve connectivity, enable the use of an anamorphic lens, and help you properly calibrate your display. The price is $2,999.


the DVDO iScan VP50

The iScan VP50 is not a flashy piece of equipment, but the simple black box houses some amazing capabilities. The front panel is plain, with only a power button, small display, and menu controls.

The rear panel, on the other hand, is jam-packed with audio and video connections. Video inputs include four HDMI ports, two YPbPr component inputs, one set of RGBHV BNC inputs, two s-video ports, and two component ports. For audio, there are two coaxial inputs, two TOSlink optical ports, and a set of L/R RCA connectors as well. One HDMI port and one set of BNC connectors make up the VP50's video outputs, and only one can be active at any given time. Audio outputs consist of one coaxial connection, one TOSlink connection, and audio over HDMI. Even if your projector only has one HDMI port, you can connect multiple HDMI source devices to the VP50 and switch them into the single HDMI output to obtain the best possible image quality.

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