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Calypso Systems 21st Century Classroom Grant Program

The 21st Century Classroom is clearly the term of choice for anyone remarking on classroom technology in any way shape or form. I have found it to be a predominant and highly charged catch all phrase for everything from a classroom projector and whiteboard to the tiniest webcam or microphone used in a classroom setting.

From a marketing sense, there seems to have been a highly successful branding campaign where by a school embarking on the road to a 21st century classroom signifies kind of open-minded embrace of magnificent possibilities and learning experiences whereas one taking a more conservative approach toward technology integration is seen as tech resistant and reactionary. Whatever your feelings on the direction of education and the use of technology in the classroom, you can’t deny the brilliance of marketers— they fascinate me no end.

The purpose of this intro was to alert readers to the fact the education technology developer Calypso Systems has opened up applications for its (note the title) 21st Century Classroom grant program for 2010. Two K-12 grants will be awarded every month. Check out their links on the main page of