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Guerilla Projection

From the beginning I have been honest about my predilection for Pico projectors and my vision for them in the classroom. I will talk about Pico projectors any chance I get because I truly think they will eventually transform the way we consume media. That's why I’m giving a plug to The 2009 Digital Graffiti Festival happening next month in Florida where participants will demonstrate how design, technology and architecture can intertwine to create entirely new art forms.

The show is sponsored by WowWee Technologies, creators of the Cinemin Swivel. I personally played with this Pico Projector at the Consumer Electronics Show in January and our projection technology editors will review it in the next few weeks. It is one of the latest projection devices which, among other things, enables artists of all kinds to cast dynamic images onto urban structures as a means of artistic expression, referred to as "Photon Bombing,"Guerilla Projection" or "Urban Projection." Now this is the kind of graffiti schools might be likely to encourage.

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