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Strength in Pictures

Classroom projectors used for mathematics instruction could change the game for a lot of students. Teachers are using classroom projectors for PowerPoint presentations, Excel documents, Geometer Sketchpad, and whiteboard interactivity. The use of a document camera with a classroom projector is growing as teachers aim to display and point to pictures, diagrams and lessons in textbooks.

Math class was always a thorn in my side—especially in high school. I can only fantasize about the difference if would have made had my teachers been able to instantly rotate, reflect and translate figures in space, shrink and stretch graphs or manipulate virtual algebra tiles. And then there is the whole classroom projector element where teachers can use a virtual graphing calculator projected on on a big screen to go over the calculations. Would I have found math class more engaging if it had been presented with this visual component? I'm certain of it. I can't really function without visual aids even today. My fear of math eventually became debilitating. I scraped by with only the classes required for university admission in high school,and for and university graduation after that. I hear there are a lot of kids like me. I'd love to hear about your use of projection technology in math instruction.