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Leveraging Technologies that Mirror the Workplace

When you’re talking classroom technology in higher education these days, telepresence is an all pervasive term. Telepresence is the experience of being fully present at a live real world location remote from one's own physical location. I’m not talking about circa 1985 videoconferencing. Telepresence enables users to maintain eye contact, read body language and interact in a real-time environment--behaving and receiving stimuli as though physically at the remote site.

Colleges and universities financially strapped and at the mercy of population dynamics and employer requirements face rather sluggish prospective enrollment growth over the next decade. Attending courses at a central campus may be difficult or impossible for students at satellite campuses. Although often seen as gods by their adoring students, the truth is that an individual professor’s reach is contained within the four walls of a classroom. It is therefore up to administrators to find ways to extend that reach and subsequently boost enrollment.In addition to this, as the competition to attract the best and the brightest continues to intensify, it behooves administrators to think from the student perspective. These young people and career changers seek success in the 21st century global marketplace. They know that today’s job market demands that they are able to function in a collaborative work environment. The schools and universities that utilize technologies like telepresence create a distinct competitive advantage because they create real working world scenarios that better prepare students for success.