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Improv on the Fly

My friend Fiona was a theater mom. A patron of high school theater, she logged hundreds of hours sewing costumes and building sets. I remember asking her recently if in the four years she was involved the crew had considered using an LCD or DLP projector to create a backdrop. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes as it was clear that no one, (including herself) had ever thought of it. This is why I'm making mention of it here.

I explained how to build a large screen--say 12X8 feet with nothing more than white sheeting stretched tightly over a frame and then to project computer images onto the stage from behind the screen with a projector so as to be invisible to the audience. Fiona pronounced instantly this would have meant the fastest set changes she’d ever seen. I then shared with her a treasured moment from a teacher friend’s kindergarten class where I saw two little ones holding a white king size sheet while she used the classroom projector to create a rainstorm from behind. The class superstar sang "Singing in the Rain" between computer generated raindrops.

I'm just trying to get the word out. Fiona wishes I'd done it sooner.

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