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It all Begins with a Lesson Plan

I’ve officially been dubbed the grant guru at my son’s school and it’s not because I am a seasoned grant writer, but rather because I’m a rabid somewhat web savvy mom on a mission to keep the dream alive and the school open. I’m unearthing the treasures buried in government and corporate web pages out there and since all of our readers have an interest in incorporating classroom technology to reach 21st Century Classroom aspirations, I thought I’d share the wealth when it makes sense.

The Digital Wish program is very smart because it is amassing a wealth of ideas from teachers who are simply asked to submit technology based lesson plans geared toward interweaving multiple technologies in daily instruction. More than this, however is the opportunity for teachers to shoot for the moon as far as what they’d like to use in their lessons. Classroom projectors, interactive whiteboards, iPods, cell phones, interactive clickers are only the beginning. Let’s hear it for dissecting virtual frogs with a 3D projector, GPS based geography lessons, and interviewing the star characters of classical literature via Skype. Get creative, become a voice for your peers and you just might win some of the very technology you're looking for.

Up to 43 lesson plans will be chosen for grants of hardware and software and winners are chosen on the 28th of every month.