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Technology Recycling and Fundraising

The Ecophones Drive looks very promising to me. Having sold my share of chocolate and cookie dough for pennies on the dollar, this program, which is said to pay upwards of $3 for every cell phone turned in, seems like one worth investigating. Neither students nor their hapless parents have to buy or sell anything. Ecophones provides a free marketing kit to help launch the program. There are also programs for MP3 players, used printer cartridges and digital cameras.

I don't think we can really say "Green" and "Electronics" in the same breath just yet even if the trend is toward energy efficiency and lighter environmental impact in production. That is the subject for another blog post. For now, I saw this as a chance for school and universities to make some cash, be of great service to the local community, raise environmental awareness and benefit from killer marketing and PR opps.

Organization: EcoPhones
Eligibility: Schools and universities