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3D in the Classroom's Alive and Content's Afoot

3D entertainment is very cool. 3D sports, even cooler. But my exuberance for 3D projectors in the classroom knows no bounds. Beginning right around this time last year 3D exploded onto the scene and I got teary with thoughts of how it could revolutionize learning—especially for extreme visual learners in both the special education arena as well as in the mainstream whose needs and skills are often overlooked or unrecognized causing untold detriment to the student’s psyche.

My enthusiasm for 3D has never waned in these past months. I’ll admit though that I’ve been talking about it less and less because so many of my discussions have been punctuated with the distinctly anticlimactic phrase “well, there is limited 3D content available right now.”

Things are starting to change. Most of the content that I’d seen before InfoComm in June was math and science related which makes sense for a number of reason not least of which is the commitment to an emphasis on those subjects spurred by stimulus dollars for technology purchases. Although I was floored by a demo of 3D frog dissection by Classroom³ last November and saw clearly the magnitude with which it could impact the classroom, the marketing me knew it alone would not be enough to drive the kind of rapid and far reaching adoption I envisioned. But this year I saw that Amazing Interactives, developers out of the UK, had content featured in the Optoma projector booth that covered the social sciences and geography as well. It was very impressive. Delving a bit further I have come to understand that there are upwards of ten companies actively engaging in 3D content development for the classroom. According to Texas Instruments, more than 300,000 DLP 3D-ready projectors have been installed worldwide. Change is afoot.

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