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Samsung Techwin Announces Contest Winners

Seven kids from across the country each earned $1000 for essays they wrote answering the question "Is technology a good investment for schools? Why or why not?” The papers were judged on original thinking, relevance to the real world, and writing quality.

Sponsoring the contest was Samsung Techwin America’s Electronic Imaging Division—a leader in document camera technology. The goal was to spur discussion and draw attention to the need for all classrooms to have appropriate technology tools such as computers, projectors, document cameras whiteboards and more to create more equity among students in America. Samsung reports that currently two-thirds of the classrooms in the United States do not have these types of learning tools. The winning essays cite the ability of technology to accelerate the learning process and foster communication on a global level, as well as to serve the needs of students with learning disabilities by enabling teachers to create lessons that reach auditory, visual, and kinetic learners. You can read the essays at and enjoy the insight they provide.