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Because Not All Great Minds Think Alike

I have a theory about the impact that will be made made by the 3D DLP projectors provided to the Shelton School by Texas Instruments as part of a pilot program to test their effectiveness in this environment. I’m especially interested in this school because of the kindred spirit I found in teacher Lauren Sanders.

She and I spoke on show floor at InfoComm about her work at the Shelton School, her commitment to and understanding of the needs of students who learn differently, and her use of classroom technology to engage the disengaged.Specifically, we discussed her use of 3D projectors and her enthusiasm for what the future holds for students with learning differences.

The Shelton School’s mission statement reads:

on a mission
a school and resource center dedicated to
~ making a difference ~
by serving and empowering the lives of
~ students who learn differently ~
Because Not All Great Minds Think Alike"

At the conference, Lauren was not representing the Shelton School— she was a consultant working for Texas Instruments. I understand business—there is money to be made in 3D—especially in the education arena. TI is brilliantly executing a move to 3D in the classroom with pilot programs, testing, partnerships, marketing and PR. In my mind, TI DLP represents the epitome of the proverbial well oiled machine. But that machine has the power to change lives and it is. My idealistic self believes that the people working on 3D projectors truly want to make a difference not only for the mainstream, but for the under-appreciated minds on the Autistic Spectrum, those with ADD, dyslexia and other learning differences. It is the reason they are so successful. There are vast opportunities for the projection industry to reach those who think in pictures.
Comments (2)
Jeanne Posted Aug 11, 2010 12:56 PM PST
It's great to hear about a teacher who is staying on the cutting edge of technology. We need more of that throughout the entire teaching profession.
June Chasens Posted Apr 15, 2011 12:03 PM PST
Things new that can aid in the learning process, are always welcomed. But always keep in mind the need for teachers that are dedicated and willing to be such an important part of this whole new venture.