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Pico Projectors Get a League of their Own

I’m excited to see many experts turning their attention to the needs of picture thinkers. I’ve even seen business reporters discussing education technology using terms like “visual learners” to talk about the solutions offered by the display industry. I for one have been following the evolution of pico projectors for the past two years and often grumbled when these devices were unfairly dismissed by many in my industry.

In a short time, pico projectors have barreled forward, securing a respectable position in the pantheon of projectors. Our site added a Popular Pico Projector list to the very popular weekly Top Ten report based on the searches conducted by the last 300,000 site visitors of the week past.
Additionally, the analyst firm Display Search reported that Pico projector shipment revenue totaled $117 million in 2009 and is expected to reach $13.9 billion in 2018.

One only needs to watch the exponential rise in video as a learning tool to understand that the intersection of Pico and video was inevitable. Look at the life of a college student who learns in unison with friends study groups and lecture sections with You Tube video lectures, video demonstrations,podcasts, webinars as well as video clips captured via iPhone and Flipcams.The ever presence of Telepresence is not far off. Pico projectors by weighing less than a pound, projecting brightly enough to share with a small group and flexible enough to connect with all the necessary devices make collaborative learning more convenient and effective.

In the life of a 21st Century college student sharing is existing.