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Interactive Projectors Shake up the World of Interactive Whiteboards

As much as I love the world of projection technology, I do have another life. By night that I am a rabid conspiracy theorist with an insatiable appetite for news, clues, and connecting the dots. I fought to keep my lust for intrigue at bay and to not overreact yesterday as I posted this press release from NAD—the advertising division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus. In it they discuss certain untrue and some only partially true advertising claims made by SMART Technologies, the makers of the SMART Board Interactive whiteboard and projector system.

To borrow the phrase used by my colleague as we discussed the issue, this move can be called nothing less than a preemptive strike on the part of SMART which has undoubtedly been on high alert since the release of the Epson Brightlink 450wi Interactive projector this spring

As I have said before, the new wave of interactive projectors, which includes models from Viewsonic, BenQ, Infocus, Boxlight and Epson enable users,to interact with a projected image on any surface and no longer require a SMART Board or any other IWB. As interactive projectors are a fraction of the cost, they could effectively make IWB’s superfluous in the classroom. Read more about interactive projectors in an article written for Projector Central by ViewSonic Corporation entitled "The Future of Interactive Technology in the Classroom."

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