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A Book Lover an Ereader Does Not Make

There was a study conducted by Harris Interactive and reported today in the School Library Journal that concluded that ereader users are more likely than non users to read more and purchase more books than those who don’t own an ereader.

Although I have been accused of being overly pro technology and would love to report (as would the study) that these findings could possibly indicate something significant related to reading patterns and how we might apply these truths to kids in the classroom, I just don’t think I can. It seems glaringly obvious to me that those who would spend the money on an ereader are already far more inclined to read and buy more books because they like to read and are looking for the convenience an ereader gives them.

The ereader is not going away, and I know sales of the product will only increase in years to come. Yes, more people may read more books but it will likely be because of the greater ease of marketing a download to people who already have a predilection for books. Will electronic readers make readers out of those who don’t enjoy reading? Doubtful. Snuggling up on a warm lap with Good Night Moon whether clutching a Kindle or a wipeable plastic book makes no difference. It's all about the snuggle. Good reading habits are formed early.