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The Best Education Available

By now, everyone knows about Bill Gates’ prognostication given this past August at the Techonomy conference: "In five years the best education available to anyone will be provided via the World Wide Web." This statement caused an uproar in some circles. Even though many think it could happen sooner, I think Mr. Gates may have been inspired by the graduating class of 2010. They are the first group of individuals who, as Beloit College aptly noted “grown up with a mouse in one hand and a computer screen as part of their worldview.” The so called digital youth will rapidly move forward into positions where they can usher in the change.

This is not about the place of a classroom projector, iPod, cell phone or whiteboard in education and whether or not classroom technology truly enhances learning. That debate should have ceased ages ago. It is about moving away from the failure to properly implement the technology that exists. It is about revisiting those platforms that have been around and were never utilized. It is about programmers working with educators within the same sphere to tweak technology solutions into user friendly tools that meet the needs of a vast array of teachers presenting information on a multitude of subjects. It is about revolutionary change made possible because we are no longer bound by the confines of place.