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Interactive Projectors Part Deux

I am predicting that interactive whiteboard company executives the world over are sweating profusely right about now. When you read Marc Davidson's review of the new 3M "Simply Interactive" projector module, you'll begin to understand why.

I have been keeping abreast of the numerous interactive projectors either in the pipeline or already announced by manufacturers such as Viewsonic, BenQ, Infocus, Boxlight Dell and Epson which enable users,to interact with a projected image on any surface and no longer require a SMART Board or any other interactive whiteboard. We'll be reviewing all of them as they become available My theory has been that since interactive projectors are a fraction of the cost of their cumbersome rivals they could effectively make IWB’s superfluous in the world of classroom technology. Enter modules like the Simply Interactive device which at $379 is less than a quarter of the price of an interactive projector, and we've really made the game interesting to observe.