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Feature Search for Classsroom Projectors

I think we at Projector Central need to learn to toot our horn a bit better. I was talking with someone who makes a living selling projection systems and was shocked to learn that he had no idea about our "Feature Search" tool. When I showed it to him, he rolled his eyes and lamented the number of weeks he’d spent working on a project comparing projectors that could have been handled with a few clicks on our site.

Because of this, I thought I’d draw your attention to this unique utility which will save time and energy by allowing you to choose the kind of things you want from a classroom projector and having our amazing system sort the data to create a manageable list of every projector that would fill the bill. You'll also be able see which of the projectors on the list have been reviewed by our expert testers and how they rate them.

Let’s say you are looking for an interactive projector but you want it to cost no more than $1300 and it must have WXGA resolution as well as a USB port. You simply locate the link to the left of this post that says "Search by Feature" ( on the left navigation bar under “Research”). Check the box for USB port, use the drop down menus to select WXGA resolution as well as the price. When you click on “update results", the system will deliver you all of the projectors that will work. There is no limit to the criteria you can set. Try it.

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