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High School PE Online--Yes!

A huge proponent of online learning, I’m constantly debating the naysayers who insist that students who opt into blended learning programs, or even complete online programs are somehow “not yet ready for prime time.” I finally figured out that these are people of my generation who remember the “other” high school in all of our respective school districts and equate students who opt for nontraditional programs to be the equivalent of the cigarette smoking skateboarding mowhawk sporting so called “troubled” kids who could not get through the “regular” high school. This is nothing short of ridiculous and people need to tune in to some exciting developments in education

If my own Facebook contacts are an indicator, it seems to me that the nontraditional kids often end up in a lot cooler jobs and have seen far more creative lives that the honor roll kids but that’s a subject for another post. My own son is about to embark on a blended learning adventure this coming semester. One of the classes he’ll be taking online is PE which elicited raucous laughter from the peanut gallery. Interestingly, a story in the Argus online edition focused on the success of online PE in school districts that are providing the option for their students. Aside from nutritional instruction and written assignments, students log their physical activity and have it signed by their parents. In the case of my son, he’ll be training for a running race alongside his mom, logging every training session and having the entire semester signed off on by me. This sounds a whole lot more exciting and productive than being the last one chosen for dodge ball in the gym.

Comments (1)
Nick Magnifico Posted Jun 1, 2011 5:24 PM PST
I am sorry to hear about what must have been an awful experience in "Gym" class, what we call physical education. When you say your kid is training for a race alongside his mother, do you mean he is learning how to run properly? Are you making sure you focus on proper contraction of the abdominus rectus while you run, or are you just going outside and running? It should be the goal of a physical education class to provide students with the opportunity to learn the proper way to participate in activities. It is our goal that students become life long movers, and the only way to do that is by teaching a student how to move. Simply running does not teach that. Unless your goal is to have your child grow up and run for the rest of his life, rather than participate in other activities, I suggest you reevaluate your stance on physical education in a classroom setting.
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