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Samsung Launches SUPERHERO Video Competition

Samsung Techwin seems to be big on contests and I think it's a good thing--especially when it gives kids a chance to showcase not only their video making talents but their creative and academic prowess as well.

Students are to portray their favorite historical character on video. All entries will be posted on the company's website and each week they will post one of the best videos on Facebook.Each student who wins gets $500 and their class receives a SAMCAM 860 document camera.

I'm giving this contest a plug because regardless of whether the tools of a presentation include a classroom projector with an interactive whiteboard, an interactive projector without a whiteboard, a brand new 3D classroom projector, a document camera or even a presenting easel with paper, nothing is more conducive to active learning than a live presentation in front of classmates. There is a $500 incentive for students and the lure of a $799 document camera for the school. More details can be found here.